Nothing is forever…


Wow my alarm didnt go off nice kevin…. I just realized in that 50 pic, 50 has a lot of 50 cents.  A hell lot.  So lately, ive been going 2 the library to study.  U ppl should try it sometime, i get soooo much done.  Then i come back home practice KF and then sleep.  I also wake up in the middle of the nite 2 study/talk 2 u ppl =D  I need help web designing cuz i cant do images at all cuz i suxorz wit photoshop.  if only i could make pics and buttons… im also falling asleep in history =P who needs 2 stay wake when ur gettin an A anyways.  Man i hope i get into 503.  But im not sure, cuz i dont wanna fail out… The lady said she recommended me wait till senior yr but i dont wanna be a sped for another yr.  neways i know i said this many times but lion dancing club is starting soon.  DAmnit mr hazeltinee… send the fucking email.  I told Ms. H about the club.  im getting pwned in chem cuz my grades like a 63 right now  prob  a lot higher cuz of my hw i just turned in.  Can some one explain that chart 2 me and how u know if a shape quickly?  For ex h2o is like a bent shape… im so excited for hssp tho then i can take moreee gangstaa pics =P and get a profile of all the ppl. 

“Gentleness and firmness (yin and yang) are 2 “independent” and “complementary” forces in chinese art of gung fu, and the aim is the attainment and maintenance of perfect balance between these 2 forces” -Bruce lee

I’ve never thought about it like that…

Nite n swt dreams

So yesterday was HSSP reg.  My classes are PHP and how to get an A on papers.  Gj to the ocean bowl ppl.  Neways i met this girl named debie from NOrth Andover High.  She pretty cool.  I hope 2 get 2 kno her better in PHP so don be hatin on my style. lol.  Neways Snowball was kick ass.  Next time im going in a white (thanks 2 nan) not purple suit. Some1 join me.  Ill have the cane and feather and everythin.  I wonder where ill get it tho…mb the costume store ahha.  One thing i wonder tho, where the hell are my balls?  I must of left em on da cruise.  O well.  NExt time super duper pimping action.  Hell yea! Btw i memorize slow jamz

Time for a lil change in music.  This song is soo ill and i just opened Kingdom Hearts when i had it for like 2 yrs.  Hahaha its such a kick ass game.  Btw lenny and i practiced our act/s for azn nite, its gonna be offf da hookkkk.  Dont worry jong i havent converted =D

“See i believe in money power and respect

First u get the money then u get the mother fuckin power

After u got the fuckin power, mother fuckers will respect you”

For 4 yrs ive been tryin 2 find the name of this song.  Then they played it YAY!

Happy valentines day!  Well it was an interesting twist.  I thought today would suck a lot, but it was aite.  I still had chinese NY shit 2 do like bai leen.  i got my pic taken wit an axe angel.  Well more like a saleswoman for axe but its all good! ill post pics up later. That was my valentines card. yay!  Happy v day!