First of all happy bday jing! Everything u need 2 kno bout 2day is writen on Amy’s xanga or away =P
I ❤ u jing


Thanks guys for wishing me a happy bday i really app. it =D
Ill name u guys later, but for now i need 2 study for a latin test =(

So i don forget 2 dl
Hip Hop – Royce Da 59

Them Jeans – Master P

Wow im really neglecting my xanga, sall good tho ill try 2 write down what i remember. Sat was KF, i really think im gettin better by practicing. I think Kevin and i will be of equal levels now lol. Or at least soon. Lenny n i have been neglecting our act for azn nite n we really shouldnt. Its just wit school n all its been so hard 2 practice with him bc of our diff sceds. Debbie stole my milk truck from MIT. i didnt know i could get credit from HSSP! go talk 2 ur counceler about it! I cant FTP to ians server from konsole which sucks. Debbie n i played DDR after =P n brian is doing PHP wit me. Sun nothin much besides bballin n chinese school. William came sooo late…. i helped Mr. R wit setting up his station and then had a pizza eating contest. YOU GOT PWNEEDDD! 10 slices n 1 bite from ur pizza oooo yeaaaa…If the hakgui didn’t take the rest I would of eaten it. =P o yea math meet was wed. we sucked ass =(

Recap of the past 2 days:
Sat: KF was good since i actually practiced =P  I just need 2 work
on popin up from my splits.  Kevin was puking purple shit
ewww.  Hope u feel better.  Hssp was after.  Loren was
there and i was sooo close to beating this guy in SNK but i was
stupid…  A to papers was cool; i think im gonna talk to some
random person there.  PHP i mostly talked to debbie, the girl from
the week b4.  Shes really cool even if she thinks im a dork. 
W/e hahaha.  Btw feel better. 
Sun:  Chinese school and studied for chem.  Not much just talked 2 ppl online like jing and debbie thats all. 
Today:  Haha where do i start… I think i failed my chem quiz =/
but i think i pwned my latin quiz =D  ACC was sooo short and
boring.  They def runnin out of shit to do.    
Anyways i went down 2 ping pong where i talked 2 yin and jong
bout  GB.  I havent played them at all…  Melody came 2
and had our adventures thro the mud =O  We found loren gave back
his hat, but then ditched melody ahaha. sall good.  We just put
away ping pong tables.  OUt of  nowhere britney n jing came
wit some guy peter.  Eh ill save the story later.  Lets just
say thanks britney =P  MUN i was so tempted 2 make dan do his late
speech, but decided not to be an asshole like he was to me.  After
all bein an asshole don make things ne better.  Turns out that
some other kid asked him 2 do a late speech. 

Im tired later…