Thanks nan for the songs that i couldn find b4 =p


Man today was lil Chris’ bday party.  I had 2 wake up early 2 help and watch lil kids.  Wow i remember i used 2 do some of that shit like roll on the ground… in return of the memories, i taught lil kids how 2 gamble using a coin =P  yeah im such a good influence hahahaha Then i arm wrestled them at the same time.  So it was like 9 against me and i didn expect them 2 be THAT strong.  So then i was like “HAKKKKGUIIIII” and pwned em =D
Well newayz happy bday chris.  I also got new shoes.  more like 2 pairs of shoes cuz im 2 lazy 2 go shopping. Sall good, ne1 wanna ball wit me? call me 2nite mang later =D

Man this sleeping thing isnt going very well for me.  I fucking woke up @ 740!?!?! Eh but i had gym so its sall good.  SAT II next week, along with KF performance, and ACC bowling all on the same day.  Yo can i get a ryde wit some1?  O man kenny if u read this r we still goin 2 Harry Potter =P lol….
I think after i burn all this fat ill have abs =D i can feel them thats always good.
Lol in chem ppl are startin 2 gamble.  Im glad i don bet cuz i always lose @ chinese poker =/   and calvin wanted me 2 play $10/card…. pftttt

Last thing… Yo these past days have been on n off for me.  Thanks guyz for tryin 2 make me happier =D 

End with lyrics =D

Girl what the hell is on your mind
I could be dumb but I’m not blind
There’s somethin leakin in your mind
Don’t look to good for you and me, always did agree
That ain’t what I need, baby!!!
-I need a girl pt 2

We don’t have to be in love (love)
We can just be friends!
I will be right there, beginning to the end!
I can bring my girls (girls), you can bring your friends (friends)
We can both have fun, don’t want this stuff to end!

[Lil’ Flip]
They say love is pain and pain is love

Sunshine -lil flip

Hmm to this day i ever what happened 2 most of the cruise ppl…
Newayz congrats seniors u guys did it =D
Lol thanks kenny for the pic =P

Its gonna be weird wit out u seniors =(

I know your type I know your kind ya
You be leaving when there’s drama
Fucking fake ass nigga
Suck a cornflake nigga ya
You ya whole crew ya
Ya’ll don’t want none of this ya
And I hate ya’ll niggas ya
Suck a cornflake nigga ya

QUick 2 back down-nas
Those durtyyy asss niggaazzz =P