Jeez wtf is me with lil kids.  I know how i say they love me and shit but enough is enough mang haha.  Chris’ friend “comes” to my house 2 “play with chris” and i saw this lil 12 yr old girl staring @ me.  Its freaky mang.  Why cant i be like this wit ppl my own age =P


Just lookin around and i found this:

– s p o t l i g h t ‘ s   o n   m e –
What’s your name?: Kevin
2. What do people tend to call you?: Fay jie, kev, kevin, kevina, mister fag, gay, nerd, dork, etc
3. When’s your birthday? 3/18/88
4. Are you short, tall, or average? dunno nemore
5. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: no
6. In addition to the previous question; if so, what is he/she called?: –
7. Would you like to go out with me?: Of course sexy
8. Oh come on. You know I’m too sexy for you.: i kno hold up lemme put on my cyber condom

– D o   y o u . . . –
9. smoke?:  no
10. drink?: no
11. play an instrument?: used 2
12. dance like a dumbass all the time?: hehehe most of the time
want to get busy with that hot neighbor of yours?: my grandmom? nastyyy fucker
14. like school?: sometimes others its a douchebag
15. act like a goody-goody?: meh

– H a v e   y o u   e v e r . . . –
kissed?: no
17. french-kissed?: no
18. gone past second base?: no
19. gone past third base?: im 2 innocent mang
20. worn a g-string?: OF COURSE MANG AND THEN i LIKe 2 SHow it Off 2 Kennyz n lennyz
21. used a condom?: my cyber one =P
22. stayed up all night on the phone?: 2 many times
23. stayed up all night doing something?: da….. game haha
24. tasted alcohol?: no
25. watched a Britney Spears music video?: of course, shes so lucky shes a star =D
26. gotten a hickey?: no
27. GIVEN a hickey?: no hell yea
28. gotten a tattoo?: no

– T h I s   o R   t H a T –
29. pepsi, coke, or dr. pepper?: cuz of britney pEpsi otherwise dr. pepper
30. mountain dew, sprite, or 7up?:  sprite n 7 up the same mang so either or
31. hot cocoa or chocolate milk?: hot cocoa
32. boxers or briefs?: briefs make my ass itch mang, boxers
33. sexy lingerie or regular underwear?: THONGz mang r sexy on a sexi girl mang ^_^
34. porn or sex?: sex
35. men or women?: BOth jp, girlz mang
36. get mad, get glad, or get sad?: Get mad and fuck up the mang frontin
37. vanessa carlton or michelle branch?: White music suxorz mang
38. dogs or cats?: Dogs cuz you can train em 2 kill ppl
die young, but painlessly; or die old, but in tremendous trauma?: young painfully

– L e t ‘ s   t h i n k   f u t u r i s t i c –
40. Do you have a good idea of what your graduation will be like?: nOpe
41. What high school do you wanna go to?: eh i go 2 north now =P
42. What college do you wanna go to?: i wish MIt, eh 2 late now hahaha
Plan on staying together with your boyfriend/girlfriend, if you have
one?: n/a
44. Do you
think you and your best friend will be best friends forever?: i don even kno who my best friends r i guess those r fo girlz or somethin
Do you have an impression of who you want to marry right now?: no
46. Do you want children?: yeah mang
47. Do you want sex?: haha who wouldnt =P  well not for awhile at least hahah i cant believe im saying this
48. DO YOU WANT SEX NOW?: After lookin @ you mang of course
49. Alright.:  Lets do it on top of books but we cant be 2 loud

– L a s t   W o r d –
What do you want to say?: J3w B4g31!!!!!

Damn every1 is goin on vacation so early.  HK, MV, n bermuda seems like a popular place every1s goin 2.  Haha im in summer school doing hw =P  But its sall good, cuz ill be laughin @ u fuckers when im in hawaii   well thats after i survive bball camp, Kf, Summer school, MIT, swim team, and other shitz.  Sall good mAng, i like it

Of all fucking ppl to call me lazy its my dad.  Wtf mate?  Ive been like working my ass of this summer.  Doing my fuckin chores, studying for 503, summer school, SAts,  swimming and all this other shit?  Ive never been so fuckin tired in my life.  Its not my fault i wanna rest for a lil and not eat out for dinner.  And wtf did u do 2day.  Smoke, watch ur pron, and fuckin eat all our food.  And then u try covering it all up.  Fuck u rot in hell biatch.  No1 fucking calls me lazy this summer.  Douchebag.

Haha so jong n i were talkin about how there arent many hot girls @ summer school. 

JTetronic: u’ll have to settle for 8th graders
AznHakGui: FUCK U
JTetronic: sorry but it’s the truth
JTetronic: hope you like slumber parties w/ power puff girls
AznHakGui: i do
JTetronic: oh ur all set then =P

YEsss powerpuff parties =D I want 2 be BUbbles

only about 31 more school days till this living hell is over.  Its not really the classes that sucks, its just being tired as fuck.  Im about 2 drop dead right now.  Idk its worse than regular school mang.  31 days… Just 31 days….BAck 2 hw damn this fucking douchebaging jewbagel.