O yeah HAppy bdAY mAggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Stolen from YIN cuz im bored @ mIT =/
[in the morning i am]: also sleeping
[i dream about]: People dying in the weridest wayz
[u talked to]: When JEremy was telling me 2 make a program or somethin meh
[u hugged]: my MOm ❤
[u slow danced with]: don remember nemore lol…
[u instant messaged]: Kennyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[u laughed with]: with the lil 12 yr olds =P

[i want]: happiness for all my friends
[i need]: 2 be the azn overachiever
[i love]: my friends/fam
[i miss]: feeling loved


If you love ur friends or a special some1 make sure you tell them u love them.  Theres no insurance theyll be here forever.  Cuz u can never tell them or let them know when they r gone. 

And when they r gone, there is no way you can pay them back, only show them that u appretiate n understand.

You know that puzzle piece that doesn’t go anywhere?  I’m feeling that right now.  I don’t fit in with anyone anymore, not even in summer school.  I don’t fit into the TFA, nerds, azns, swimmers, Taiwanese ppl, and the white ppl nemore.  I can’t. 

You know that saying, friends will always be there?  They havent and i doubt they will.  I guess they accept my presence, but don’t really “accept” me.  It hurts not being accepted by anyone.  Times when i need help or times when i need someone 2 be with, my friends arent there most of the time.   

I dont understand.  I used to be happy helping other people.  Thats why i spent 200 of my xmas money to buy u guys kick ass gifts. And i try to get u guys a really good present too.  But when it comes time for my bday and xmas, some people remember and i app that.  But others which i spent my money and time on don’t even think of me @ all.  I dont know if im just being seflish, i just wish some1 would @ least think about me.  I don kno why i always end up spending so much sometimes…

Maybe its me.  Afterall sometimes i do push away some of you and thats my fault.  But i wIll promise one thing.  While other friends wont always be there, i will.  I promise.  IF ur  feelin down mang call me @ 3 in the morning, i can take the yellings just to make you happy.  I just want my friends 2 be happy. I know the feelin.

Wow fuckin long entry…Fuck mIt 2morro…Later

So 2day lenny came over n we did a “photoshoot” lol.  Heres the results ^_^
BTw lenny has his on his camera.  HIs r better =P

Shit i fucked up =/

Lol still figuring out my camera

Didn run fast enough

I win =P

WHo can resist a sexy swimmer =P

Pikachu n Doremon/ding dong cant get off of each toher ^_^

My bad i flashed Lenny =/

O yeah carni was fun. Lots of bak/hakguis.  Met wit heather n mike n lenny.  Fun.  THanks guys

Ill update later

MOre pics ^_^


Chigganator28: we got big eyez for azns

Hehe thats all of the good pics. O yeah i cleaned my basement up so its cLEan now ^_^

Rich kids are rich.
If i was mean would rob that kid of his money.  So fuckin stupid counting ur money in public….
He was fat 2, i don think he could chase me ^__________^

when i was like in my van i was thinkin bout somethin.  y do ppl alwayz be hatin?  its sad 2 see what happened in S boston and see a kid the same age as me fall a victim 2 racism.  Sometimes i just lose hope for our society and our generation.  If we don set an example, then who fuckin will?

Though i didn kno u and i never will
everyone deserves respect.

Bang Quoc Mai
RIP mang