back from hawaii. 
new music.
ill update later wit pics.


Im going 2 hawaii 2morro =P

o yeah btw im banned from boston cuz of my dad
but it was worth seeing douche for it =D
Thx douche for the pIgLet.  iLl post a pic later hahaha
*sigh* who would of known the south boston fight would affect me……

ill miss u peeps mang =/

KEviN (fie doi according 2 lennys grandma hahaha)

BB on thE 31st =D

aparently my aunt died a few days ago. and yet inside i dont care.  mb cuz dad n esp my mom suffered enough at your hands.  RIP, but i cant really feel anything for you. 

When we laugh or we cry,its together
Through the rain and the stormiest weather
We gon still be as one its foreva,its foreva

I want….    WHY shirt
                  RIP Solja slim shirt
                  White Visor/hat

you can hate me now
but i wont stop now
cuz i cant stop now

i SAw AvP 2day @ framingham mang… Yo lenny damnit we were supposed 2 see it 2gether. WheRE WErE u!?!?1 =P  It wasnt worth the 10 yr wait but still good.

Highlights of the day:
1.  Seeing HaKguiZ vs b4g31z after the movie (hehe the cops busted their ass for fightin)
2.  mR SPrINgEr gave me a book YAY!
4.  SOme baKguiz honked @ me while i was walkin 2 the natick mall and said “MOMs WAitINg”!! looks like kevs gonna be busy 2nite 😉

pArts that suxed:
1.  damn Soohoo got my 3v3 award >.<
2.  I didn get my hustle award or workin hard award after busting my ass
3.  AfTer the MoviE some old bAKguis were makin out in front of me >.<
4.  mY dad pIcked me up @ like 12:30  when i told him 11:50

O shiT i thought i was leaving saturday but im leaving friday (-_-)
TimE 2 buSt out the yeellow on the girlies on the boat mang. YEAH!

Aww my couz left me a ghetto good bye on my desktop…. i ❤ u guyz
haha i love it when they try 2 impersonate me hehehe.

sUp MAng
diD u noTicE 4Nyth1ng DifFeR3nt about ur dEskToP?
It’s nuttin biG.
Jus w4nted to S33 if u have sharP 3y3s =P
iS my G-Het-To talk g00d?
thanks for ev3erthing ManG
i love u ❤


p.s. it was fun talkin to ur friends, especially Diane.
Let’s put some beef and lard in a blender someday

i love u mang
u r so cool
too bad u had so much to do with ur
bball camp, drivers ed, and Diane ❤
or else we could have done more stuff
thanks mang
hope to see u soon maybe to pick up the car

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