Im going 2 hawaii 2morro =P

o yeah btw im banned from boston cuz of my dad
but it was worth seeing douche for it =D
Thx douche for the pIgLet.  iLl post a pic later hahaha
*sigh* who would of known the south boston fight would affect me……

ill miss u peeps mang =/

KEviN (fie doi according 2 lennys grandma hahaha)

BB on thE 31st =D


7 thoughts on “

  1. have fun!!! because if you dont ill beat you when you come home. =P I wanna go to Hawaii, but I’m just going to the Cape. xP

  2. bit late to say have a safe trip…but I didn’t mean to miss it!!! I was in Canada! haha anyways have a safe trip and keep on checking out girls!!! lol you know what I mean…don’t be stuck on that gum!!! bye bye tty when you come back!!!

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