Clubs for 2004 that im involved in:

Math Team =D
Science Team
Chess Club
Model UN
Asian Culture Club (tres)
Lion dance club (pres)
pInG ponG
Triathlon CLub

Sports for 2004:


haha my clubs r so nerdy.  But iTs OK =D ill be laughin at u when ur workin at Bk with thos hakguis n i make 6 figs =p



Last of my “emotional” entries.  If u wanna be alone, thats cool 2.  I just want u 2 be happy.  i thought i knew u well, but it guess i turned out 2 be wrong.  Thats ok. but like ive said many times don tell me i didn try to help u out cuz i tried…  if u dont understand i sacrifice for my friends and fam, i guess u didn understand my morals either.  I go 2 school and do well because of my family not really for myself. I understand education is important, but to make other ppl happy is why i dont give up. 

Some last things ive realized… yes…i do crazy things… but i realized, imma pussy when i need 2 be serious cept for school.  i cant confront people when something actually matters, I cant console people, i cant make people feel better when they r down bc im just not that way.  I js have a lax personilty I guess.  but it doesn mean i dont try 2 make people happy… >.<

imma pussy for not confronting you, but its ok.  Im glad you got it out, it helped me realize things about both of us. 

im done.

my club sucks ass hahaha but 16 ppl joined.  2 bad they all did it
for the candy…cept for that frosh.  as long as i get the title
of pres i win =D  Im such a grade whore sometimes…stupid lion
and justin for not wantin 2 lion dance =p

and i gave bret, whos black, an ACC flyer hahaha

prob the most exciting part of my day!!!!!!! another convo wit kenny!!!

i aM kennYz: AznHakGui: i bought a thong 2day
i aM kennYz: jeez that’s funny
AznHakGui: lollll
i aM kennYz: hahaha
AznHakGui: it came out wrong
i aM kennYz: hahahaha
AznHakGui: thanks for sending it 2 jing =p
i aM kennYz: lenny too
i aM kennYz: ahahaha
AznHakGui: fucker
i aM kennYz:
i aM kennYz: i just picture u in victoria secret
i aM kennYz: picking one out and matching it to yourself
i aM kennYz: HAHAHAH
i aM kennYz: OMG

hehe check out this

Damn idk why u so pissed at me… i have no fuckin clue what happened… jeez i just suggest somethin n u go bitch at me.  Im just tryin 2 keep things happy, but if u never wanna talk 2 me thats fine with me.  I didn start shit wit u.  It just hurts me 2 see something good go so shitty. So meanwhile “Imma fuk off”… Just remember if u ever wanna talk im here. 

newayz im n0t gOnNa let diz shiet keep me down. 

join ACC and lion dance club cuz im an officer in both =D

for azn nite bo n i r gonna sing tell me

edit:  if i meant anything 2 u or was important at all u wouldn let our friendship suck as much as it did b4 mang.  I tried i cant do anything if u don wanna.  But just from readin your xanga gives me the impression im worth shit to you.  Thats fine.  I just wanna let you know u were like fam.  I trust you n could tell u nething.  And if u ever needed anything, i would be happy to try 2 give it to you.  But i just don kno nemore… I thought i could keep this going for a long time, but fuck it…i hope u a happy school yr and gl…

edit: debbie is sooo high =p wow u made my day ahhahaha

DimSumYummi: imma dog and a cow at once, moofff!!

change isnt always so good i guess =

Junior prom is commin up in may?
never 2 early 2 think who u 2 ask….
backup plans

1. Ask some random person from boston common =D
Its the solution 2 everything…

2. There is no other plan…

Stolen from kenny + douchebag
Describe 10 ppl don tell em who they r or w/e
btw im not gonna do the azn krew =p

1.  Things recently suck btw us, but i hope we can work it out mang.  Im confused whats happenin, but i guess ull always be special 2 me.  I never gave u my hawaii pres, but i hope i can sometime soon.  Your def an awesomely awesome person and awesomely awesomely 2 talk 2.  I kinda miss losing contact wit u but it happens i guess.  O yea bc u i say fag n gay =

2.  From playin cs at like 2 in the morn to waking up random peepz 3 waying hahaha.  Uve def changed ever since u got back from FL.  And u r def the funiest person i know hahaha.  mb we r driftin apart, but hey ur in college.  U have a bright future ahead of u =D btw ur 133t is pwnage

3.  one oF the longest friends ive had.  Porno van, dryer, power ranger sums it all.  i know i can always trust u, n i feel esp this yr weve gotten a lot tighter.  Damn u have 2 many future wives =p

4.  One of the smartest people i know.  I remember meetin u in 6th grade?  Damn weve been friends for a long time.  From singing Overnight Celebrity to helpin me with my math hw, u will always be that bastard takin up 32 acres of land =p thx mang for bein there

5.  Def a lot closer b4, but its ok.  haha known u for like a yr? I used 2 bitch constantly 2 u n u would always listen.  I fucked things up by not thinking, but i know ur a good person at heart.  So many things have changed tho between us i guess and i don think we will ever be as close as we were.  but recently i guess weve been talkin more.  Newayz ur still a kick ass friend =D u cant type for shit tho from lookin at kennyz pf… =p

6.  Ur white next person =p

7.  I don kno how to describe u.  But hey ur always free to come have a mango juice wit me n teach me math =p

8.  PHP n ESP that yr pwned cuz of u.  From watchin the black ppl dance to PHPing?  ive had a hell lot of fun wit u. I never told u my feelings at the time but its ok.  I owe u so much shit 2 -_-

9.  3 letter word name.  Def the smartest person that i know by far… and yet so kind hearted and not cocky.  Always willing 2 help others esp wit breaking and math.  I really admire you. 

10.  I don believe that everyone hates you, but everyone forgets u for some reason. Haha but i wont.  We marvel vs capcom and YEAH im gettin my ghetto joystick. Your true, yet racist remarks always crack me up.  ur house as long as we in hs we can u use ur house 2 sleep/eat/wc in… I swear ull become a terrorist when u grow up.  Dont fuckin touch our women =p im jp hahaha

wow i noticed with a lot of these ppl i used 2 be close with them…  Newayz haha u can guess who u r =D i kno no1 will guess number 6 hehehehe

im still a lil pissed i guess, but
its funny 2 see people that u used 2 be a lot closer with, check up on u.
It makes me happy 2 see that they do =D
thx guys

I hope u get back row seats bitch =p
have fun

Btw 1st ACC meetin Oct 4


im js rememberin wha eric said about my future kid… Name him jet hehehe
what a hott name Jet Yee =p
i wish i had that…..

check out this:
lol steven gave it 2 me