im turning into an insomiac.. i pulled off my first all nighter during a school day

happy bday tieu

its funny 2 see how all the hot azn models n shit r part white
example: tila is 1/4 french >.<

jewton sucks. our pep rally was canceled

i fell asleep playing in my bros room >.<
wondering btown by urself is funnnn
esp singing i smell pussy 2 the hobos

[edit] h4ppy th4nksg1v1ng bitches
i spent most of my day xangaing/callin u wishin a happy thanksgiving


[edit] i broke a wood board 2day at splash!

[edit] britney got hit on by some hakgui azn haha (they make such a cute couple =P) jkjk
i chilled wit a lexington frosh, helen chen.  hehe she don look like a frosh…more like a junior or senior meh.  shes really hOT 2 and muy cool.  yeah thanks for like hitting me, ramming the hockey things into my stomach, and drawing on me -_-.  hehe i had tons of fun wit these 2 girls 2day without u girls it would be bornin as fuck!  o yeah we DDRed and air hockey a lot.  i cant wait 2 chill with u again if i do =D
o yeah i got vids of britney playin ddr for the first time. thats crazy an azn never playin ddr -_-

newayz i met this really k0olo girl named britney. hehe shes hot. she from the durty south. not ATL BITCHEs but Fl haha chillin wit the bad ass mickey mouse =P

and another thing about girls at esp.  they all look like they r like 9 and r all really nerdy and i really think they have no lives -_-  its not like i have nethin against nerds cuz im one but idk… 

and the girls i do think r hot from a distance turn out 2 be 40 yr old middle aged moms when ur close -_-  my eyes r fuckin up i swear. 

brians bday was kick ass.  Karaokin + crip walkin + drunkppl + limbo money= pwnAge
i also sang 2 bris cousins and bought them flowers =D
shit costed me 4 bucks >.< and i almost got turned down by like some1 who are learnin their abcs-_-
but then they said thank you
i have it on tape hehehe
happy bday brian u cna be like me now wit the shirt =P

o yeah this awhile ago but henry, ant, n i spent our night buying/being the slaves of henry.  lets say anthony had 2 much fun in girls clothing and would be perfect as a victoria secret manican =D  haha congrats 2 maggee n henry btw although it was like awhile ago hahaha.  henry bought us dinner at chinkytown if we would take random shots of these weird ass drinks…  “Chiku(?) juice” and “pickled lemon with soda”.  anthony lost.  u fuckin loser =p  this makes me pizza eating champ + weird ass drink shot-er. =D

holla if u want the vid

ive finally made my decision 2 keep myself single until the end of my hs career. i don think imma make ne exceptions this time.  its not like ne1 wants me newayz.  haha.  

I reread ur comment on ur xanga like in september?  this time it really hit me…yeah imma retard cuz it took me like 2 months 2 figure out what was wrong…sry if i get hot headed n shit…but i understand why u left me alone.  altho i said i cared about school, i shoulda said i cared about u more.  w/e it really doesn matter now but hey i still hope that we can be like b4, but at the same time i cant tell the future >.<  no1 can replace u even when im wit my krew

long ass entry.  happy thanksgiving ppl
to all my homies
(haha no turkey for me…pacific buffet yeah!)

peace out
lora’s ho
numba fo

[edit]  new song: same cry -jin
AznHakGui: tila?
AznHakGui: yeah
AznHakGui: lol
AznHakGui: u thought she was white?
polaris746: yA
AznHakGui: WTF
AznHakGui: WTF
polaris746: dude
polaris746: thats definately white

Roflcopter way 2 go… lol look at her last name THATs not white

JTetronic: you love me???
JTetronic: wtf it didnt say tgat
JTetronic: the colors messed me up lol
JTetronic: i love you more!
JTetronic: bitch it doesnt say send it back

SaKi x BaBiE: i was awwing the thing, not stripping tony
SaKi x BaBiE: o_O!!
SaKi x BaBiE: but i was laughing at the stripping tony, not the thing
SaKi x BaBiE: lOL
SaKi x BaBiE: awww you’re my friend too!
SaKi x BaBiE: LOL
SaKi x BaBiE: i dont really have to send it back right?
AznHakGui: hahahaha
SaKi x BaBiE: =-O
SaKi x BaBiE: hahahha
SaKi x BaBiE: you know what!
SaKi x BaBiE: you’ve just turned into my bitch #4!

i ❤ you peepz hahaha
show some lovin

Whenever I’m not around and you feelin down
Let the thought of me be the reason you smile

thats all i wanna do mang

random pIxz (if u look closely u can see my razor cut >.<)

chinky eyed chigga L pose

east side biatches

IM MY DAD! hahaha im so sexy

wow haha im so fuckin emotional sometimes
buts sall good i got my sleep so im in a happy high mood

im goin somewhere for a surpise 2day ill update laterz

its a bit nippy these days
omg u hear about that guy gettin his penis cut off by his gf for cheatin? horrible… she threw it out the window and some dog took it… they COULDNT REATTACH IT!!?!??!
don mind me peepz hahaha.

[edit] lol afterschool i chilled wit ant, wilson, n henry.  fun times mang. don kno where 2 begin!  but on the T to malden some lil kid i “steped” on because i was takin 2 much space wit my bag >.<  he said “PUK GAI” 2 me!?!??! wtf this kid is like 4 yrs old.  haha i guess ur never 2 young 2 learn.

i didn get a chance 2 give diane my hawaii pres but its sall good.  we went 2 some haircutin place wit some viets workin there.  Henry n wilson looked h0T!  some really cool kid then drove us 2 OB 2 watch the vball game.  connie(?) and maggee met up wit us after the loss but its sall good.  we chilled at the t station place and stupid ant threw the gatorade bottle on to the tracks… nice one =P

fuck somethings you need 2 let go. 
so much fuckin lying… so many secrets… fuck it
and fuck it no more fuckin games.  imma say everythign on my fucking mind
its gonna piss ppl off but w/e

anne… why do u play other ppl?  why cant you just tell them you dont like them?  i don understand… first yin now dylan… i guess its none of my buis…
but “JS3105: its liek NERD love triangle”

diane… im tired of your constant bitching of the past… whats gone is gone… fuck its none of our buisness to interefere… stop it plz…

ian… i don really know your role in all of this… so i have nothing to say…
but “iaMkennYz (10:23:05 PM): this ian is like the master nerd pimp”

yilun im sry you got caught up in this… i really am… im here homie

now for my fuckin shit

diane (douche)  im speechless…i just wanna say i miss you… idk whats gone btw us these past 2 months.  i just wanna make ammends….

i don understand tho… you wanted me 2 listen… and when i asked you what was wrong… you said nothing…  it hurts me so much that i couldn even help you.  put urself in my place… what was i supposed 2 do…

and so fuck every1 can be fuckin mad at me instead of each other. im cool with that
i feel so much better -_-

wow kenny n jing u guys r so funny hahahahhahaha
wow im glad 2 have friends like u 2 crack me up

JS3105: when ur sad
JS3105: u take out the yr book look at him and dietz
JS3105: then uill laugh