First night
-seein old belmont ppl (brian, dark rift! haha lee, tammy)
-drinking street water, horse shit, + road salt
-lion dancing and rolling on the ground
-calling random ppl
-countin bakgui + azn couples
-drunk ppl (i got my first hug from one of the yr bc i said i was proud pissing in my pants)
-callin random ppl on lorens fone
-SHEN ME, HAO, SHI (chinese lil jon!)

O yeah ur uncle or like dad was like “get Eric a chink!”

Highlights of my week:
-seeing sinna randomly in Chinatown
-buying presents for u bitches
-seeing jenni n delia even tho it wasnt that long
-chillin at 88 + arsenal by myself =D (yes…doing my hw bitches)
-playing cs + wc with jong n ant
-xmas =D
-swim practice? Hehe jp =D

Happy new year
eh imma copy jenni for this shit =D

first of all, imma name all the pluses of 2004 =D
-meetin + chillin wit the krew (we like family mang)
-gettin my ass turned down so many times this yr lol i cant even count…
-MIT with DebbIe, Helen, Britney + mY SCI TEAM BITCHES! (loren, bri, ian, jong)
-Killing our hands on SNK and air hockeyyy wit jong
-CHILLIN + BALLIN Wit my bakgui (Brian) + the krew
-HAWAII 2004 bitches! missin my hakgui krew already
-LIBRARY with (JiNg, britney, theeda, loren, melooody)
-taking the bus for the first time
-JUly 4th wit FoB sQuad (haha 2 bad i don football =D) + douche
-Streaking outside of loras house
-XANGA fRiEndz! Hehe u know who u r
-Battle of the PImpz (jEnnI + delia > yeelow)
-gettin my ass turned down by so many girls at Vibe but not givin a fuckkkk =D
-watchin BETs on monday after school at jongs
-DDR pad building wit ian
-csing for the first time + csin wit KENny, HOI , Chun LAu
-Warcraft Nite
-ScIence team + mAth team
-being drowned by andre + my swimming buddiesss (We love slappin ass =D)
-talking with yin
-being stuffed into connies car
-Lion dancing and freezing my ass off with Justin (kuNG fu pride bitches)
-shoppin wit douche b4 I left for Hawaii =D
-bday parties wow 2 many to remember
-crip walkin in the bowling alley =D
-nY sucked ass with the school
-late night cruisin in Dorchester >.<
-eh lorens chemistry disasters =D
-carnival wit heath + lenny
-pimp for a day at school
-sleeping in latin class
-Summer school peepz =D (jenni, tzer, Tammy, taki, dark rift(don remember ur name sry =x)
-A+ class and the nerdy pImpz of amerika
-digital camera
-cousins vistiting
-ACC potluck

Eh i prob forgot somethings so remind me =D

Summer school

Cousins ❤

Chen’s bday

Photoshoot with lenny =D

Hawaii 2004


Random pics:

have a safe + fun new yrs peepz =D

o yeah red sox + pats kicked ur asses =D

fav songs of the yr:
Through the wire
Quit Hatin
I don wanna know
we got
one call away
westside story
my boo
let me love you
i smoke i drank
poppin them thangs
if i ain got you
wanna get to know you
nolia clap
slow motion (killed by jamn)
slow jams
jesus walks
no problem
way you move
freek a leek (killed by jamn)
tipsy(killed by jamn)
lean back (killed by jamn)
lets go
drop it like its hot
you were my everything


merry xmas 2 all/happy holidayz!
my new kickz

secret santa (amy) got me a pinK gUnit shirt! =D

pINk is gangsta mang! ty amy

happy bday grace
don kill ne1 wit that baseball bat >.<
ill post pics when chen does =D

hmmm i still need 2 get presents for some ppl
bleh mb when i get more money…or mb after vacation? haha

track spinnin- Santa claus goes straight to the ghettoooooo -snoop + nate dogg

happy bday douchebag =D
weve had our ups n downs
but i guess we still stay strong

close enough 2 the 23rd =P

don worry ill give u ur presetns AFTER your beatingsss =D

wow who remember thisss shittt….

Welcome 2 duloc
where we don play…

remember wipe ur ass i mean face kiddiesss =D

[edit] ms O and ms leung saw my xanga today
once they saw tila it was game over
i know whos gonna lose their treasure spot for ACC -_-

btw chris vu fans can pwn liljong hahaha

JTetronic: oh i heard some chris vu
JTetronic: i think he’s gay

time for a haircut bitches

happy bday mel
always be one of my fav couz that i have 
i love you
don kill ne1 now that u have a permit right? =P

lets say dr dre made me sick…nasty snot shit

arsenal 2day n barely caught up wit jenni but
she left. sry i called the wrong number the first time hehehe. 
hope u had fun gift wrapping! =P

the g unit kickz for $60 YEAH!

2 end my day i dropped of my present 2 loRa for secret santtaaa
damn u get 2 have a 3some with spiderman….

happy bday doug
we did the steerin wheel dance in drop it like its hot vid
n crip walkin everytime we got a strike in bowlin
shit doug ur crip is soo gangstaaaa

o yeah we also yelled “DIU NEIH GEI MA (fuck ur mom)” when we started losing ^_^

picz up later i got mad hw peepz -_-

[edit] happy bday lauren! =D

potluck was awesommmeee
ill update later with pics =D

happy bday william

chris vu is orgasmic in this usher songgg

[edit] imma post more pics up but heres the first one i took yday =D

porno on lorens bed =D

yummm food =D

o SHit Seniors with the ho (kevin ho hahahha)

you thought i looked stoned last time with the gunit pic… check this out
n yesss legendary fob Eric Cheng! =D

O SHIt here comes the kinky shit… Twister!

the spinning ppl


damn i want in -_-

haha guess whos ass durin twistaaaa
don worry im not gonna say who =x

lawrence wtf u lookin at =P

Jing, Elliot, Loren, britneyyy

Group pic

ive just been noticin every1s so gloomy lately…eh its weird cuz
everytimes im happy n shit ppl r down… mb its just bad timing but it
just doesnt seem right esp durin the holidays.  i guess all i can
say/do is say im there for u homies

happy bday vickkyyyyyyyy

ooh yeah potluck on sat. tell me if u need directions!
i sold all my candy bitches in 2 days! >=D
48 bars sold by kevin yeeee haha loren ur 2 slowww =