Graces good bye partyyyyy @ jillians

Idk sometimes its weird 2 know that you wont see some1 ever again…
i guess it makes u app that person even more b4 they leave.
i think we did a good job saying goodbye 2 grace tho =D

after the party Tieupac, Mike, Wilson, n henry went 2 eat in Chinatown
we went 2 CvS tho b4 i went home and bought….

i like the drill condoms that henry has LOL

o yeah another thing bout henry…while we were on the bus
there were girls in middle school
*AIM beep*
*10 secs later*
Lil girl: “hey are you on aim”
Henry: “yeah”
Lil girl: “can i get ur sn?”
Henry: “Are u tryin to get me arrested!??!?!”

o yeah Brookline raped us and served us our balls…o well we raped em in Bball n fooTball
i think we r gonna get raped by framingham now -_-
5-2 for the season ain bad tho =)

math meet against brookline 2morro
haha 2 bad i don go 2 ne of the math team practices
AMC tomorro 2

changed candy shop bc every1 else has it on their xanga
im in the mooD 4 Ol sk0o
Today was a good day -iCe cube

2 hrs till grace leaves MA =(
we’ll miss u


happy bday connie =D

you suck ass

[edit] fuck my head is cold >.<
2 bad it takes so long to put on
i think imma gel my hair 2day =D

This is for my…
1. swim team
2. ill make sure im single so we single broz can go pimpin
3. ill be able to feel like a circumsized penis -_-
4. snow day? =D

B4 i show u the new pic lets go back when i had hair…
good ol times…


damnn its cold…im still so organsmic with touching my hair now =D



“o chynkstah o”‘s pic 2 “Lo0k iSh jeanie” =D

[edit] newton sucks balls… school 2morro… i need 2 do my thesis soon =


when i first have sex imma use super market bags
1.  double the Protection (paper and plastic)
2.  we can use em as trash bags after
3. it will make my mommy proud for not wasting money on trash bags and condoms

kevins idea > trash bags (wilsons idea)
ty wilson for the idea tho =P

jong moved 2 watertown =

got my sweatsuit from swimming… i wish i had at least XXL shit >.<

chris went to his first middle school dance awwww
jong said hes gonna be a notorious BIG
damnn 2 bad i fell asleep when i got home…. i wanted 2 dress him PIMP

haha at school i realized…every1 calls me G uNit now >.<

bowling 2morro wit the krew
time 2 get my headphones 2 =D

its gonna snow tho…my dad was yelling bout it
i wish he would stfu…if chris can go out i don understand why i cant
just bc its snowing doesn mean the worlds gonna end =O

newayz candy shop is a hott song =D

haha there should be a bloggerin
“yeeLoWz hOEz”
u aint yellow. Ur YeElo.  Be proud nigka.

[edit] im still wonderin if i should go 2 sleep…SCHool starts in 2 hrs

o shit u kno like OGz n shit
i could be likE oJ YeelO
my eyez r so chinkayyyyy

-chillin wit lENny n went to victorias secret =O
we were checkin oUT the MANicansss =D
-got Timbz n gangsta clothezz

shit i lost my varsity letter….
i didn kno it was a home meet >.<

ant u my homie mang…stay strong
we all hurr fo u

your not hallusinating its like 5 AM damnit and im still studying >.<
ill update later wit my weekend n pixz
peace shit fuckin pussies

stolen from kenny
mad gangsta song =D  http://media.hamncheez.com/flash/190465_egg_song_English_2.swf

i feel like blehhhh
2 much water from practice hehe
i gotta get rdy for chinese new yr n my shows >.<

MLK weekend =D
-gettin like some cheap gunit shit from some outlet mall 2morro
-mb chill wit lenny at froggie hehe mb edwin n ray 2 (its gonna be nice 2 have the old krew back)
-anyone on sunday wanna go 2 froggie wit us is welcome 2

haha loras old =O
damn ur old wrinkly saggin balls….

pics of south wit heathie

Im doneeee =D

peace out

[edit[ loras an old man =O
happy bday sinnaaa sexy 16 right?

mars bday pics =D

my b0o wilS0n n tieupac

tieupac n ant

happy bday henry???? hahaha

awww =D

mar, henry, his couz, and my fingersss =D

henrys such a gentleman…picking yeelow up ❤
haha with dennis n ants help =p

anT leE >.<


what i did with delias present…

finally done with my esp essay! ^O^
this xanga tracker is awesommeee
i can see who stalks me =O

junior prom is comming up i totally forgot about that
so is my thesis…and SATs…APs…
but so is summer….and summer school =

o yeah azn nite comming up soon:
-ne1 wanna help me lion dance…? that would be nice lol
-ne1 wanna sing wit me? lenny i kno ur up for it
eh mb we need girls for it 2…haha that would be nice

1 month of swimming left =O
o man…they might make me shave my head + dye my pubs for swimming >.<

im having weird dreams again…ive dreaming bout
example: porno, jr prom, counter strike, killing things, getting killed, sleeping hahaha

nemore shit? no i need 2 study
peace out

[edit] hAppy bday lOra =D