vacations over and schools starting =(
1. sleep is for puSSayZ
2. while most of u have school 5 dayz a week i have 7 =(
4. BEAST AT KUNG FU + BREAKIN to Look sexy
5. Beast the SATs n find a job


things been a lil crazy mang lately but heres my vacation:
pIX l8R im too lazy =(

-arsenol mall for my shirt
-i think was wif delia n jenni
-chilled wif tieu, ant, wilson @ 88

-dressed up pika pika gangsta

-sectionals for swimming didn even get to swim =
-“what hes gay?” LOL

monday: shoveled? i really don remember

-DT with wilson n jessie
-got my forces
-88 for dinner

-happy swt 16 angelique
-no azns = sad kevin =
-haha kevin still got to daNce THo
-RIP cHris

-saw jessie’s missed sigh gone
-“be nice to white dudes” =D

-lil jongs bday party…yeah it was 3 weeks late w/e
-ice skatin wif jing, loren, kennyz, n heather

-registered for classes @ mit wif joNg
-family chinese nY dinner!
-took test n pwned it
-capCOm vs SNK =O

-auntz house
-planning to go to the wake
-chinese school

damn this week went by so fast….so many things to do mang
idk if its just me but i really don show my feelings to anyone
i just hide em and keep em to myself
haha its so different from last yr when i would jsut bitch to random ppl that i didn kno over lil things
i kinda miss havin ppl listen 2 me tho =
this blows school on monday and i still havent practiced my azn nite act/s 

it just pisses me off how some ppl show no respect…its DEF not the time to insult someone…i see how like he did some bad things, but we all have…even you.  with that said EVERYONE deserves some type of respect

RIP chris…well never forget you

On another note i found out funeral information:

the wake is on:
sunday from 4-8
Magni Funeral Home

365 Watertown, Zip 02458


monday @ 9
our lady’s church

i was lookin round on xanga right then i saw this fuckin comment from anne sayin shit about polci
I know you probably are going to, like, flame me like Diane for posting
a comment on your xanga, but I couldn’t help myself. Polci is a
fat-ass. Biggest %#*&^ ever! he was in my PE class and bullied
other ppl around. Thought he was hot stuff because he was a football
player. Yup, anyhow, take care!”

…how can u be so fuckin cold hearted and talk shit about
polci…i thought u were better than that…at least show some fuckin
respect… i mean especially now u should keep that shit 2 urself

on a happy note happy bday to angelique…thanks for everything and we had fun!
post pix and stories up l8r tho…

a sadder note…Chris polci had a heart attack last nite n died…not
really one of my boiz but someone who was tight wit a lot of my
peepz….i remember at bris parties he would always make me laugh.
ne pix mang?
even worse…my boi brian saw it happen… fuck man

show ur respect mang
RIP chris polci


chill wit jessie n willy 2day, got my white forces for 2morro, bought my ticks for thrus, 88 for dinner =D
*you loser u never got me back =P
i win! MUAHHAHA  

[edit] yo i was lookin at xangaz right and a lot were bein hacked by “decay”
ill be happy 2 fix it for u

just IM me at aznhakgui

damn sectionals sucked cept for team dinner =D
-loser brookline bakgui captain was hittin on my coach and yelled at me for “fucking around”
-“what? hes gay?” -lil bao wow
-didn get 2 swim my 400 relay cuz we “false started”
-wasted my whole day and i didn even get 2 swim

end wit pic that i just took =D

i went over 2 star market 2 pick up flowers for my mom and grandmom for vday
this girl that worked there was like

“those flowers r pretty…u gonna give em 2 ur gf?”
*she walks away
“hey yu want me 2 buy u a flower?”
haha so i ended up buying this random girl a rose

don worry i didn for get my 2…i mean minus 1…valentine =D
u guyz got something special…haha 2 bad i couldnt send it out 2day =P
notice i didn write “jEANiE”
ant u called me a loser so i dumped u as my valentine

who wantz 2 be my valentine?

-not goin 2 lion dance 2morro cuz sifu is too old
-happy early 4 hrs bday to delia
-valentines day imma bring out the pink G unit shirt… imma steal all ur valentines because of diz shirT mang
-got asked to go 2 the sectionals for swimming…so another week =(
-kung fu is painful and tiring cuz its early and theres a hakgui there
-ant, willy, n lil jong went 2 arsenol  wit me n we ate at Friendly’s! Tieu-pac came later to friendly’s
-azn nite night act i need 2 make my music blEh
found my report card….wtf i got 1 C+ in English?!!? how is that
possible…esp when i didn get anything below a B on ne of my
assignments…rest were As + Bs…
-Tired…go 2 sleep bitch

[edit] iM nOt gay seR0n =(

Recent things…
-gung hay fat choi or happy new yr
-lion dancing on sunday
-baystates 2day just got back home
-no more swimming =O
-time 2 SAT and work on KF/ azn nite

things kinda been weird
-thinkin bout ppl i havent talked 2 in awhile
-called most of them to wish em a happy nY
-i know things will never be the same btw my old peepz but i cant let go…trying 2 make things better…hey it don hurt 2 try
-guys like 2 touch me
-listenin 2 too much boy band music =O

2morro i think imma go to arsenol, get ppl presents, then take a longgggg journey back home =D

remember this song?
baby i got ur money
changed to hold you down
im in the pwnin m0od