SPRING xxPLoSion tomorro
time 2 GGGUniT out

viBe score: 7-14
xxplOsion: 6-3

-altho like newton ppl didn go i met some maddd chill ppl thur
-haha mE n anT would like go up to 2 girls dancin wit each other n join them
-we also went crippin on Stage wit those crazy hakguis
-nothing would be complete without kevin yee takin off his clothes
-haha maggee with make up?!??!?!?
-my value durin auction dropped from $5 to 50 cent YEAH! thats what i wanted
-some fat guy bought me n gave me a rose. so i gave him a hug xD
-jEnnAy (#1) has hAkgui friends that drove me home. kinda? =p
-saw DeNise, mei, diane, jeffffffffffff, kid from chinky school, and jessie
-xxplosion sucked. so do newton ppl. JAyKay xD ❤

o yeah delia u wanted to make gingerbread men?

shit its gone =
i cant find it


when i was in 7th grade, on this day there was a bus crash. 
melissa and 3 other oak hill kids were killed.
RIP melissa.

so tired got back home at 4ish
thanks for everything guys.  i ❤ all u guys
pix later

for 2morro if u get lost or have problems
call 6178997660 (ants cell)
6179655143 (my home)
here r directions

happy quad bday to ant, wilson, lilia, eric cheng =x
to u special ppl out thuR u kno whats happenin on sat =)

i hope the best for amys operation.  time to get up early =)

another partay? so many -_-
im def failing SATs + APs

fresh fruit straight from the ovaries
think about that next time u eat ur cherries
don pop one =x

haha i love it when ur prom plans change over and over again
man i wish it was later…thigns keep changing tho

happy early bday WIlson (mY b0o)
whenever u felt weak k YEe was ur energyyyy

happy cambo new yr

i smell pussy

vaca in 2 dayz
need to pwn SATs soon >.<


i didn forget your earLy bday tehehhee =)
its funny. even after meeting you almost a yr ago uve treated me like your bro. its weird because ur def on of my closest friends and it hasnt been that long.  newayz enjoy ur bday ant lee; cuz i still remember what u did for my bday. lets say im bringin out the baseball bat? =O

i cant be beat…i mean im tired but i could work 10x harder at everything

idc if i need to sacrafice my balls right now.  fuck looking for a girl cuz i realize thats not gonna come. anytime soon.  fuck everything. vacation is gonna be hell cept for BBQ, n xxxpLosion + HIN but other than that i need to pwn and burn my balls off.

i want to be the best. ill show you beast mode k yee.
ill show every1 at sports and academics. fuckorz.

No one knows my struggle
They only see the trouble
Not knowing it’s hard to carry on when no one loves you

this is my fuckin story of a warrior. no pussying out.