8th grade it was me walking in the crosswalk
and then now my car was hit by a construction worker backing up with a van -_-
WOW im so effin luckyyy


i got my inspiration for azn nite
just listen to the background n ull see ;D


welcome back


too bad im too lazy to do every1 else =p
summer schools been good esp wit my car ;D
lotta shits been goin on n i got my basement like a fuckin gym
o yeh i scared some little kid at belmont

LETS HAVE A GIRL FIGHT don fuckk wit me n my punching bag ;D

since every1 else is doing it…

Leave your name and:
1. I will write something about you.
2. I’ll tell you what song(s) remind(s) me of you.
3. I’ll tell you something good about yourself.
4. I’ll try to give a word that best describes you.
5. I’ll tell you the most memorable memory I had with you.
6. Put this in your xanga!

1. Lauren!! =DD
2. This is how we dooo -50 cent (me) n the game (u) (azn nite LOL)
3. You kno how to have funnnnnnn!
4. BFG.
5. Although this was a few days ago, i found out that carlos died and u were there hugging me while i was crying at ants house.

1. Guy Loren
2. Tetris Theme sONG LOL (u n ur nerdy calculator game high scores)
3. you sometimes understand my fuckin random comments
4. your fucking smart. mb too smart….
5. evolution of kevin! or mb that time when we took off ur pants-ed u while u were hanging off the bball hoop

1. Lisa
2. Old mcdonald had a farm….
3. u always IM me and make me feel special altho i rarely IM u back
4. 8th grader.
5. haha we never met up. so no memories.

1. Vicky
3. u pwn at making cookiesss
4. punching bag
5. jr prom was orgasmicilicouz

1. Jenni (ewww ish jEnWee)
2. push it jAykay onE call away cuz i kno ur alwayzzz thurrr
3. ur always awake and there to talk when i have problems. i trust u.
4. hey i can draw thiss >.< = ========D~~~~
5. blind folding in chinatown, making u run into poles, and seeing ur reaction when i gave u that sex book =O

1. Phil
2. I smell pussy -50 cent
3. ur so fuckin nice lol. always offering to help out when someone is in need of help.  and ur madd chill =)
4. sexy ;D
5. your cousin calling me gay and watching the fireworks =p

1. Diane
2. brave new girl -britney spears
3. like u say, u make other people think and u have an impact on them.  And plus ur always up to talk. =D
4. independent
5. watching fireworks last yr wit u

1. Tda
2. money ain a thang cuz u always fucking spend it at the mall
3. nothing good to say cuz ur cambodian =p  haha jk ur nice n hookin me up wit that job ;D
4. cambodian =p
5. shopping at natick mall for ryan’s thong o_O

1. ChiggaL
2. oye mi canto cuz u love to sing
3. i know i can always smile when im with you and share my DEEP DARK secrets ;D
4. culo
5. idk like u said so many fuckin memories bro…but one thing i will
always remember was seeing those 2 ppl fuckin in the van LOL

1. Mel
2. one life one love cuz like me u ain allowed to date but one day we’ll find and bang that special person up the ass =)
3. pSh ur related to me. thats something good =p
4. panda express slave =(
5. that time i went on my first roller coaster with u. fucking scared the shit outta me =(

1. Sinna
2. Got rice? no? start picking sinnna. =p
3. haha for person i don see alot i vent a lot to u and for sum reason u listen. thanks
4. like i said to tda u durtyyyy cambodian >.<
5. i only have only one memory of u. meetin u at froggy n cT

1. Chen
2. “niggA im fRom New York”
3. ur smile =)
4. ni de ma hen mean
5. HAHA seeing ur special present from nina LOL

1. Lora
2. “I GOT HOES” (area codes)
3. ur the most awefulest person i know.  damnn u keep a pikachu in ur trunk =(
4. ur shorter than ant.
5. prom da shit ;D

1. Delia
2. never be replaced =D
3. you can always make me smile and ur just one of a kind =p
4. ham sup
5. HAHA seeing u dance in that hip hop class. i thought u would be the last person that would sign up for that class.

1. Jing
2. gangstaa nation =)
3. uve treated me so well jing. sure we had our little drama thing at the begining of the yr, but heyyy we mad tight ya kno?
4. alcoholic
5. o mannn too many… lets reminse on all those FUN TIMES in SAT CLASS. haha thats the first time i met u =)

1. Amy
2. survivior- with all the medical shit that u had to put up threw u can finally call urself this =)
3. ur chinkanese pwns every1s elses and ur willing to meet new ppl.  haha funny and friendlyyyyy
4. skinny as fuck
5. In 8th grade i remember u took the shit outta my piggy =(

1. FAggiTy A (ant)
2. ShorTAY wanna Ryde
3. always got my back. accepted me into the newton krew. treated me like a bro. what else could i ask for.
4. ni xi huan nan ren -=O esp LAO ren ;D
hearing that ur were rolling in the snow naked cuz it was too hot LOL
haha ur so funny when ur drunk

im tired. 
i remember back in spanish class in 8th grade u would always put a smile on my face by makin me laugh.  I always found it funny that u already like spoke spanish when u were already spanish

i really cant keep it in nemore…i have too many names to add into my profile…
esp too many young people.  even tho recently no1 really really close has died i still remember what this people have done for me and my community regardless of what other people say.

Rip carlos

Tuesday July19th Wake 4-9pm at Brasco & Sons Memorial, 773 Moody Street, WALTHAM
Wednesday July 20th Funeral at Brasco & Sons Memorial, 773 Moody Street, WALTHAM

RIP carlos…not another one…remember ppl be safe this vaca…

summer goals…
1. stop falling asleep in physics class
2. pwn in all my classes
3. get buff n my 6 pack so i can kick hakgui sifus ass
4. stay single until my APs are done -_- (haha it would be so much easier if i could cut off my wee wee)
5. chill wit my newton krew, monopoly homiez, sexiliciouz watertown girls, and get in touch wit ppl i havent seen
6. game over the SAT

shit happenin….
1. maggee’s bday
2. my car
3. 50 cent concert with my monopoly friends (jong and doug)
4. red soxs game with lenny


YES! TAMMY wore and bought a gunit shirt LOL
wow by the end of the summer imma make sure belmont is gonna be the next dorchester LOL

Lenny is the only friend i can say that i can say that has been there all my life or most of it.  I remember him since i was like 4 ish n we still tight.  Haha just remembering this pic brings back the memories.  Reminising about finding my underwear, the sex van, and power ranger battles, u kno u got a great friend when u kno he can shove u in a fuckin dryer.  But seriously…back then we fought off spics tryin to steal my toys and i know he always has my back.  Especially during prom when he drove me n ant around….damnnn he was a big fuckin help.  And the thing is i didn even have to ask him; he called me up and offered me help.  haha and who can forget our “photo shoot” a year ago. =p

broz 4 lyfe.

(haha i didn forget my “special hoMies”…its just that i found this pic again) xD