Wow i actually THOUGHT about going into the marines today…i doubt imma do it…
i don think i could live another like yr n shit without girlz ya kno? haha shitty reason i guess

o yeah nothing like REAL LIFE CS =)
i can picture it now

Me: fire in the hole *throws grenade*
Wilson: AH MY EYE x_-

DAMNIT lol the marines got me with their OTHER number
tricky motha fuckers




FUCK RUSSOS i work at GNC now bitches
haha imma become a street pharmacist =)
ill hook u up wit vitamins ;D

damn i remember at the begining of the summer i could put my hand around my arm…thanks to dennis ive bulked up so much…i really wish i could thank him bleh dunno which hospital hes in


[edit] damnit dennis, the vitamin wolrd guy had a stroke.  henry n i r goin 2 visit him in the hospital 2morro.

the game’s mixtape is madd good =)

few things
im not that racist deep down…sure i have my things against interracial dating but thats it…
if my friends r happy dating some white guy thats fine with me.  as long as they happy
*cough* amy *cough*

and another thing
i know i shouldnt care what ppl say at school esp if its newton
but im 10 seconds from dragin my fuckin neighbor out and beating the shit outta him
damn i dunno some ppl just piss me off more than others and it takes A LOT to piss me off
shit i don kno how many times ive kicked this kid’s ass and he still doesn kno to stop
i mean what the FUCK did i do

i just think… after hs…after college apps are in…after APs…ill finally be able to…relax
and as tieupac would say “kou leuih”
lol 100% viet milk

ill just shut up, drink my muscle milk (btw cookies and cream is orgasmic), and do my hw just like a normal chinky kid doess =)

WOW this is a really GAY pic but i lookkk hot in a girls shirt LOL
i should lay off the caffine no?

recap of my week

-OMFG i got into AP calc BC =)
-im tired from work n school
-protein shakes, green tea and hot roxxx keep me alive and awake
-my friends keep me happy and from going insane thankzzzz
-gas prices went down! so did my bank account…but hey my gass tank is filled!
-im always at ihop and arsenol for some reason now…*sigh* reminds me of summer time
-kung fu starts soon so i can finally kick ass again
-ppl talk shit n time to fuck them up… seriously im not in the mood to take shit esp from white ppl…sry imma racist

my last yr of high school wow…i cant believe im finally a senior…

its gonna be tough…no shit about that and stressful…but i hope i
can make it and i hope all my hard work pays off now…im tired and
worn out but i keep on saying to myself only a little longerrrr….

haha this summers been nice but wit some drama shit which is stupid…
-lost 15 lbs -=O
-summer school might get me in to BC calc =)
-found out which college i really wanna go to
-learned to drive
-drove ppl around n chilleddd with long lost ppl =)
-slept a shitload
-started talking to people i knew but didn “know”
-first 50 cent concert

i cant say this enough i miss my college friends and i wish i could be there with you…

i cant wait till i see some new faces and to pick on the freshman =)

[edit] HOPEFULLY i wont die from exaustion and hopefully ill get sleep =)