my harry potter scar too! wow im gay and happy


my fuckin head hurts -_-

and my fucking ghetto bench press sucks cuz i missed the chair when doing squats

so basically i had a 150 lb barbell slam my head against the ground
mother fucker never working out at nite again when talkin on the fone -_-

i hate you ❤

gotta stay flyyyyyyy

mb im stupid for doing this…but ive sacrificed so much for my family…and i still do what my mom tells me how sad…

she makes me happy but i cant have her…yet
someday oneday we will be together again ❤

until then only date i have now is my porno -_-

money and a job has made me so much happier… i can afford shit now n i feel more independent! =)

but im always busy now and things are only starting to get
busier.  Im doing my college apps, have a lil “brother”, and i
still need to keep up my grades and pwn on SATs. 

but most of all during these past few days i learned about who my true
friends are…they r the ones who visit me at work, bring lunch to me
when im working alone at work, would just call me to see how i would be
doing…they would help me out and would actually care

haha last thing i learned…
every1 is part chink n i love every last bit of it…even if u barely pass as 5’0 ft =)

BTW SENIOR PORTRAITs r coming soon

Working at GNC has done a lot for you Kevin… for example, I KNOW that you’ve been trying out your own products.

…like LiP EXPLOSiON!!

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P.S. You wish you were a rugmuncher. </3.

after talking with anthony ive figured out something…

ive been an ass to a lot of people lately. especially girls. i dunno if its the stress or what but i dont really mean what i say most of the time and if i hurt u im sry. 

to every1 im willing to make amends with anyone.
maybe if u got to know me u would see the side of that would anything for my friends and the nice person i try to be.  i would give up any girl for my friends n shit. but hey if u still hate me its not fucking my problem. u cant say i didn try.