when i ask ppl if they want a multivitamin
i hate those ppl like that go

“god gave us food for vitamins and thats all i need. he wouldn let us starve and die.”

1. its fucking science don bring fuckin religion into my fucking store
2. then why r there fuckin ppl starving then…where the fuck is ur god now

god i wish allah would pwn them all
and make them reincarnate into an ass plug


today i ran over a turkey and sold it on ebay

haha no really happy thanksgiving
im thankful for all my friends n family

and especially for nani
noones made me feel this way and i hate interracial dating
i hate you

so while ur having ur turkey remember
chinkz don get turkey just jia ji gai =)
haha i like it better anywayz =)

happy bday kara

[edit]  those white people r gonna pay for touching my bro
i cant wait to find em to fuck em up
i hope they cry and piss his pants
and for that other nerdy kid that called me a fag
imma fuck him up for that too…thinkin my threat was a joke OKAY
i dont fucking understand…i don understand why certain white people r so fucking annoying…and to tell u the truth i wouldn mind getting suspended fucking a few up with ant.  i wouldnt have it any other way. just me n ant taking on 14 kids.  thats what bros do for each other. go down to the very end TOGETHER.

WOW i saw EVERYONE today…thats a first =)

wow who knew jin came out with a new cd? omg its fuckin good =)

ah my eye x_o

so many things to do…
-grades – they need to be better…
-friends – i havent seen a lot of them recently
-work i need to sell more shit so i get more cash. ez =p
-working out n shit

yep yep

but she keeps me happy and sane LOL =)