hahaha i just was looking from the pics of graduations for my family project and who knew that we would being going out *gasp*
i always thought u were THAT gook

haha and theres loren in the back making out with melody as usual
im fucking fat =
my prepill popping days ppl


haha i was listening to the lyrics again
and all i hear is FUCK FUCK FUCK
mmmhmmm mb thats why im so corrupted now adayz =D
btw what does fuck mean?

haha imma fuck ur mom =D


i was going on my midnight cardio run then these highass mother fuckers fucking drive their car on the sidewalk in front of me and go

i was like what the hell say that to my face
and the white newton driver fucking steps outta his car and said it to me
i fucking swept him and punched him in the stomach, winding that mother fucka
then i just went jogging on my fucking way

what a wonderful fucking day

1. i took my fucking pills
2. i forgot my fucking anniversary and i made her feel like shit
3. i have my own fucking problems

altho shopping wif jong and buy a comp for my uncle was fun

ive been so caught up lately that i cant believe i forgot
i know im busy but that isnt an excuse because you always take time off your hands to make time for me.  i cant really say much other than im so sorry.

happy 4 month anni

i only have so much patience with people
i asked why.
so ive come to this
im done. ive had fucking enough.
im fucking spending MY vacation time by myself.

o btw if u think im an asshole
i dont give a fuck

and one more thing…
think about that person who
got that gift for you on your special day
and when it came time for his bday
no1 got anything for him
oh mb u didnt know him very well
he didnt know you well either but he still remembered
and got a present for some of you guys

and no this person isnt me

speaking bout presents
i still owe vicky a present -_-