happy six months =O

with our ups n downs we still some how hold it together
haha its like when all the “gookies” are gone from the box =

happy bday to eric, ant, wilson, and ali
now go buy your porno

haha after reading the online reviews for MCP i changed my mind
im think imma go to WPI just because of the coop and research opportunities
plus its only an hour away from boston and drops me right in front of my house
oh well i prob wont have a social life anymore

Very clique-y. Most just gripe about the school.
However, if you like magic cards, role playing games, and wearing capes
(I’m not kidding), by all means go here. You’ll fit right in.

its full of nerds and geeks but its okay
ill prob do chemistry major right now and do pharmacy after i do my undergrad =)

OH YEAh did i mention that its 75% male?