so i went down to WPI like 2 days ago with xin
and i counted all the azn girls… correction azn people
and i came out with 3 azn guys and 1 azn girl
w0ot sausage fest

yday went down to bb with jong and jimmy
my pinky’s all blistered up =

yday/last night went to bb again with sandy, henry, and tieu
havent seen them in a long time

oh btw primerica is a fucking cult
dont join them and im sorry i gave those referals
imma fucking quit tomorrow
i mean what type of company tells us basically to not only not listen but to betray your family and friends
fuck them
haha what a waste of time/gas
oh well kimmy bought some micky d’s and lenny killed a psyduck for dinner =


i just want to thank everyone who came to my graduation party
and all my friends who were there for me and came to see me yesterday
ive realized alot… and no matter how much this hurts i need to do this
i esp thank justin, vicky, and northeastern girl for letting me cry on their shoulder…literaly

honestly i just want to end on good terms


nnhs prom kinda sucked =
who the fuck plays fallout boy?
oh well they played snap ya fingas ^_^

I THINK my graduation is at BC TODAY
cuz its raining so yeah

sunday 6:30
Mayflower, Watertown
on Mt. Auburn st
anyone who wants to come is invited just leave a comment or call