wow i never thought that would be so fun
there r so many new people to meet and talk to
i cant wait till i go later tonight

check out my site

“all for lexus my baby my boo
if i ever need help id just scream hoodie hoooo”
I need dubz -romeo n master p

“But uhh, a thug changes, and love changes
and best friends become strangers, word up
There’s one life, one love, so there can only be one King”
The message -nas


I ain no crip or blood but i love this song omg haha

oh yeah i got my wisdom teeth taken out nasty shit

kRazeDxbOi: your like a girl now
(11:11:03) kRazeDxbOi: =O
(11:11:06) kRazeDxbOi: you bleed outta your whole
(11:11:07) kRazeDxbOi: hole*
(11:11:12) kRazeDxbOi: eat a tampon
(11:11:27) aznmasterassasin: lol and things go in my hole too 😉

(17:36:37) asndragonboii: tampon that!!!

— you know that we will always be here for you… we were always there for you –&& we greatly missed the way you were BEFORE. Remember the good old days hun? Yes, yes… more of those memories will be made if you give them a chance to come… So babe, be happy and stay smiling, okie? That’s you at your best. =]