i guess there was a fire at one of the dorms while i was back in newton lol

hey look b4 WPI i was just normal


yo notice the whey protein jugs in the back along with the hard body book ROFLCOPTER I PWN NEWBZ


yeah wpi has been better than b4 at least now i have friends
but still mad nerds and weird ppl here

i joined the Korean Club, Chinese Student Association, Biochem club, and some black professional black group
yeah i dunno black ppl here r mad cool
and anohter thing white ppl cant dance

so im at wpi now
the 80% was definately right and so far ive only seen 1 okay azn girl
im really homesick lol
so far it kinda suckx but hopefully it will get better when i get busy

wtf do ppl do here for fun?!?

last few dayz were actually pretty good

happy belated bday to maggee
lotta fun burning things
fucking anthony set me on fire >=O

everyday im hustlin

shit school starts soon i need to get my books and shit