Ive always wanted to help people around the world and
after finding kiva.org i think it gives an opportunity for normal people like me n u
to change the lives of the people’s buisnesses in third world countries

check it out

if u want more information you should check out http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/archives/2006/08/friday_entrepreneurs_premal_sh.html

this loan is bascially similar to lending $25 to a friend and then theyll pay you back
but either way its a great way to make a difference


I've done things in my past
I thought this love would last
But I can't let you go baby
You're my everything lady
The reason I smile and the reason I talk baby
The reason I breathe, the only one for me, yea
You can't go through with this
If you left me my life wouldn't exist
Cause I'm still in love with you
And that's my word I don't give a damn what you heard

when it all falls down
i wish i could buy a spaceship and fly pass the sky
and thats just family buisness
hey mama

n i heard em say nothings promised tomorrow today
for the day i die imma touch the sky
they always try to bring me down
drive slow homie

-grandmother is in the hospital
-cell bio FINAL on tuesday
-calc FINAL on wed
-baby camry wont start up

oh just my luck  o_O

honestly i wish i FUCKING wasnt here in newton. good week gone bad.