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Lol Happy Kwanzaa!!!


okay this is my last entry about the whole nancy and frank thing

as much i as i am pissed off/heartbroken about you falling in love again so quickly
theres nothing i can do
however im happy you found someone else that makes you happy.

so frank you got your wish and so did you nancy

there you go both of you are happy

to the other ppl…thanks a lot guys for your support but theres nothing you guys or i can do now to change anything so it doesnt really matter anymore.

still as fast as i want to try to get over it…the more i try i just end up back at square one so fuck it.
i guess i gotta piece my heart back… in a way i come out the loser in this whole situation haha o well

btw guys that “open relationship” stuff on my facebook aint real so dont be going OMG HES IN A RELATIONSHIP cuz im not.

“Girl I tried to give you everything,
Can’t believe the ways you repaid me,
Girl you had it all, but I guess my all wasn’t good enough for you,
I’ve accepted it, and I ain’t gone trip, girl I’m movin on”
how could you -mario