revenge is the sweetest thing next to getting pussy


okay so guys my alienware harddrive died so it sucks…no more porn for good! maybe i should stop watching porn, but its so hard to sleep hahahaha

since no one reads this anyways im just doing a basic update on my life now a dayz

so basically at WPI im an officer for CSA and KSA (for cSA dont ask how the fuck i got it because idk either)
whatever i guess thats one step to make this school closer to what i really want.  Anyways, without my computer ive been pretty focused on studying and everything, so im thinking about not bringing my comp back to WPI…i mean for printing shit i just use the schools printers and that seems to be workign out well.

btw thanks for the bday wishes from everyone and that “surprise” party that i knew about this yr

relationships…mhmm haha i think its best if i dont get in another one for awhile even tho they soemtimes make u feel really good and giddy inside people need to remember all the shitty times that you’ll have with that person and like get their priorities (school and personal shit) settled out.  easy to say when i go to a tech school.  i mean i have to admit i really miss certain things, but still gotta move on with my life.  Although with a lot of my friends i rarely bring up my last relationship, i wouldnt say im over my last relationship…well soem of it.  yeah im over the whole i love you shit, but its more like the aftermath affect.  to see something you worked so hard for and care about someone so much just blow up in your face.  its kinda like rejection in a sense and to see her move on so quickly just made me think that what we had meant nothing.  but i guess thats the past that eats away at my present.  i shouldnt think about it but sometimes when im not busy or right before i sleep that sinking feeling my heart n shit happens. 

anyways just been chillin wit my friends, going to work at the pharmacy, spending time with family, working out, cooking, and praticing some cwalk/dance shit has my mind pretty occupied these days.  im still young so its time to have fun. yeah virgin fun w0ot!

thanks so much for the bday wishes
although it just seemed like another day to me my friends just made it so much better haha

time to work out and watch 300 later!