Just reminicing on old times… now a days i dont listen to new music because i guess im so captured about the past and all the memories i had.  different songs brings out different era’s of my life.  Maybe im holding on to the past too much because im not enjoying life now. 

But blaming my school is just an excuse
when someone falls victim to something it their fault for letting it happen.
its my fault im not enjoying college.
Homework blows too.  WPI… idk anymore…every weekend i cant even have fun anymore.  theres always some project to do or just studying for the next test.  Honestly the only thing i look forward to now a days is working out, kung fu, and dancing.  Im not willing to sacrifice those things. 

I just need to attack one day at a time and hope things better because if i lose focus ill be fucked. 
Thinking about that i prob shouldnt be writing in xanga.



Nothing is better than getting your ass beat =[

Yeah school has been pretty tough and I’m already so drained…
“I feel like dying” like lil wayne would say haha

social life, fun, girls down the shithole =]
honestly i havent really even noticed because things move so fast here

BTW come to my Bridgewater tourny on november 11th
its my first sparring competition =]