Im just going to write my random thoughts at 5:30 AM

dance:  Theres nothing more satisfying than a good dance/c walk battle.  Btw for those that dont know what c walk is its “clown walking”.  Similar to blood and crip walking but no gang affiliations.  But for real its one of the few things that really relaxes me and i have fun with it.  I just only wish i had a group of ppl to practice with but i think ive found a group i wanted to join soon.  My goal in dancing is not to conform to one style but rather to incorporate all styles into “my” style.  Im slowly learning and i def like to learn/teach ppl what i know.  Some styles im learning are c walking, tutting, gliding, waving, popping, krumping, and maybe some bboy power moves.  But when i dance its always to have fun not to see whos “better”.   I dont really like that word in dancing because people have different views on different dances and different styles. Its like apples to oranges

martial arts: Before i started training at the Boston Hung Gar Martial Arts Academy, i always thought…hey the bigger/fitter guy will usually win in most cases.  But ever since ive been training with sifu he opened up my whole world into fighting.  Yea I did “train” in wah lam for 10 years but after my few months here ive become more confident in my fighting abilities and know how much experience i lack.  And plus Im learning from one of the best grandmasters too… he shows practical aspects of fighting.  He is currently the only 10th degree black belt in hung gar, sifu winchell woo

sex:  im really surprised but its been almost a year without it.  And although it was hard, for the first few months I really dont “crave” it anymore.  Dont get me wrong tho, I would def do it again if i found the right person but i really havent had that attraction to anyone lately.  And plus i dont meet any new people anymore and dont really hit up parties to begin with.  Way to go killing my own social life lol.  Whatever man, at least im not pussy whipped like some other ppl.  I rather be a freeman than somebody’s bitch. 

stress: Many people dont know this but this is a BIG cause of obesity in America.  People dont get enough sleep and worry way too much about things they have no control over.  And even when u do stress out, you tend to do the task less efficiently.  Ive been working on this for the past few months.  Only thing i need to work on is SLEEP which is so important for energy and repair torn muscle tissue.  Ive def noticed the effects and i feel much better about my life. 

lifting/power building:  After studying off and training with Ironaddict, I definately dont have the same body as i used to.  Im much bigger and stronger than before.  However, I need to work on my daily low intenisty cardio, diet, sled work, and stretching consistently.  Dont get me wrong im still pretty flexible but i need to get more flexible in order to fix my leg.  My diet… i usually dont eat enough and skip like a meal by accident which is bad.  I could be much stronger if i didnt do this.  But sometimes i get so tired that i cant cook.  oh well its only been like half a year since training with IA.  Btw i got a membership at super fitness! If anyone wants a membership for $20 a month talk to me lol.

music: like ive said before music now and music before isnt the same.  Im from the time where this “pop rap” came up and when the classics started dying.  Honestly, shoot me if “superman dat hoe!!!” becomes a classic.  Would artists like Tupac, Biggie, and Big Pun be proud of us today?  I really doubt it.  its the industry brainwashing this new generation with this shit.  I mean dont get me wrong i listen to it quite a bit but mostly for the beats.  Instrumentals DEF got better throughout the years but idk about the message.  Its just like “I get money, i fuck hoes, party like a rockstar”.  We have the power to control the music but we just feed them our money with this SHIT. 

books:  Reading is underrated.  Honestly if you want to achieve your goals in anything, you need information.  Books contain all of this and if you think about learning as little steps to achieve your personal goals or passion, it wont be boring.  Right now im reading magazines like Money, Biochemistry textbooks and articles, training articles, zen and mental training books, etc…  Yeah i admit it can be boring but if it makes you better at what you want to be better at then its stupid not to read. 

acomplishing goals:  Its important to stay focused on your goals because if you have no goals you have no motivation.  Whats the point of going to the gym… or school or anything if u dont have any purpose for it.  My dad went to BU and did really well.  He got his bachelors but he was a very lazy and has an anger problem.  On the other hand my mom is the opposite and never went to college but was always thirsty for knowledge and wanted to excel for me and my brother.  Recently my mom was promoted to manager, while my dad is stuck in the same position.  Its crazy tho, my mom makes more than my dad.  My mom is def my motivation and role model in life.  As Arnold (Terminator) said during one of his college visits, we have to think of goals with stepping stones and doing little by little.  Arnold wanted to become the worlds best bodybuilder, an actor, and governor of kalifornia.  He did all of that.  he truly is a role model and an accomplished man. 

CVS: CVS is really nice sometimes.  Yeah sometimes it gets busy, but i dont mind it; i actually enjoy counting pills and doing all that stuff and wouldnt mind doing it for the rest of my life…on top of other things of course.  It gives me something mindless to do and makes me forget all my troubles.  Plus the people are mad cool there because everyone is like azn there =]

Frustration with wpi:  I always say this.  And it goes deeper than having no girls and no friends here.  Until you visit here i doubt anyone would understand.  7 weeks terms are nice because theres always a vacation every 7 weeks.  Unfortunately for those 7 weeks you have to bust your balls to the wall.  Theres almost no time for fun, partying, or anything like other schools.  Also im frustruated with the lack of interest here.  No one ever cares about the clubs and theres no sense of unity at all.  People are just weird and go off into their little world.  It really sucks knowing that if u work hard to do something for these people, it just wont be recongnized or appretiated.  But the reason i came here and the reasons why i stay here are different.  When i came here i was stupid…i came here for my ex-gf.  But once we broke up last year…i had to find a new reason…my own reason to stay here.  I’m here not for girls, not for parties, but just to be successful and to have a good education.  Yeah theres no social life up here…but we all have to make sacrificies.  If you ask me if they were worth it, it def was.  Sometimes responsibilities and happiness conflict.   Choosing my responsibilities and growing so fast at WPI, has forced me to grow up.  Yeah im cold and i most likely lack imagination but whatever man. 

what i really want…: I want to make my mom happy and have a happy family.  Haha i def want a chinese wifey later since im exactly the most chinese i need someone who knows the traditions and will teach my kids that.  As for myself, I want to become a pharmacist and maybe a personal trainer later.   I dont want that much, but i want to give my family great opportunities while still enjoying life.  But for goals now…its to excel in school and pursue my passions (listed above)

Whoa its 6:36 AM now fuck

Time to gym then