God im failing school =T

going to elaborate later


I don’t understand what the fuck is with this stop snitchin campaign thing…

I understand the whole like “police are against us” aspect, but honestly the cops can’t do shit to you if you didnt do shit.  Those people who get caught obviously should get arrested. If your going to do anything illegal just be smart.  But no…some people pride themselves not being a snitch and just lettin these criminals go out on the street.  Honestly, I think small crimes such as marijuana possession you dont need to snitch, but when endangering other people lives thats the time to speak up and plus you can remain anonymous. 

but no fucking stupid people are like this
“we have a code on the street.  Something could happen on the street and if there were 100 nearby no one would talk “

later that black woman knew her son was killed and said something like this
“Why wont someone speak up?”

Stop snitchin is just an excuse to be selfish and say “its not my problem”
Fuckin dealers and gang members cause most of the problems but creating addicts.  Yea u might be doin it big but off of people’s misery. 

As tupac said,

“I love to see the block in peace
with no more dealers and crooked cops
the only way to start the peace
 Its up to us to clean up the streets.
too many murders
Too many funerals n too many tears
Just too see another brother buried up
plus i knew em for years
keep your head up and try to keep the faith
and pray for better days”

I miss the old days of xanga… those days when people random proped you… when people would actually kinda cared about what you had to say…

I mean i used to use xanga to relax and let my wonder…in fact i still do.  Probably the reason why i dont update anymore is because people dont even bother reading long boring entries.  If its for anyone it would probably be myself.  Sometimes I just feel that this new generation won’t have anything to vent through anymore.  Of course there’s myspace and facebook notes so you can write a few entries…but honestly who really reads those things.  I sure don’t. 

I mean part of xanga or the reason why I still have it is to remember where it all started from.  They’re precious treasures from my adolescene and past.  I know this sounds stupid…but honestly I wonder if my kids will ever see mr. aznhakguiassasin and relate to similar issues as i did. 

Don’t get it wrong though… Facebook is a much better way of finding mutual friends and networking…but honestly it doesnt go beyond that.  It doesnt tell anything about a person’s thought process, personality, and feeling.  Hopefully, you’ll find some common interest with that person and hopefully find out later, right?

While I check facebook everyday, I still wonder about how things have changed when i first started writing in this thing and now… Yeah theres been some drama with xanga… but looking back on it now those things werent really a big deal in the long run.  I’ve changed from being an anal freaking out on everything kid to just being chill about everything and cherishing what I hold dear. 

Looking back at some of my entries, I always wrote about how much of an asshole my dad was.  I still think the same thing but I’ve kinda learned how to deal with it and tried to understand why he was that way.  Maybe the vietnam war, lack of a father, or lack of fufillment in life and career.  My dad was never stupid just had a “wicked tempa”. 

Xanga full of old friend’s and memories.  Probably should be left in the past if no one uses it anymore.  I cant help but miss networking on this thing. 

so im just getting my life in order now…schools starting in 5 hours and it bothers me so much
but sometimes u just gotta push thru and do the shit you hate

anyways christmas and new years was okay

xmas i saw my family and got a lot of hung baos
haha and plus i shot my 3 yr old cousin in the head with the toy dart gun =]

i spent my vaca basically doing nothing but being sick, working out, working, celebrated bdays (leo + kimmy) and doing random shitt
AND shit fucks my NEW computer’s HD died

it was nice seeing the newton people on ho ho ho day too
altho i dont really chill with em anymore it still feels like home…shitty and miserable! jk LOL

i went clubbing for the first time since the summer
club ultra sucked but i still had fun

i got into the hong kong program too! still undecided about it tho =T

yeah yeah thats it
im too hyper now a days to write deep thoughts lol

overall 2007 was an okay year…it kinda represents me breaking out of my shell and dealing with shit.  I learned to let things that dont matter go and cherish the things i love most.  Honestly from a year ago i was in pieces and now im pulled back together trying to enjoy my life and build my career while balancing my friends and family.  Everyone worries so much about me in my family and they have sacrificed so much that i cant let them down now.  Especially my mom, my uncle, my grandmothers, my mom’s side, friends, and my ancestors are my biggest motivations right now.  Failure isnt an option. 

New yrs resolutions
-bring bitch weight => not bitch weight
-fix my acne
-sleep on time
-keep diet right
-walk everyday for 40 mins thru out the day
-NOT procrastinate anymore (omg when did this happen lol)
-become close to KhrisKhaos’s level at dancing and at Kyren’s level of cwalking
-do the kung fu fighting stronger better faster >=O