Happy birthday justin!

Congrats Leonard Mai!  A lot of things have changed since we were 2, playing in the sandbox.  Now your on a new chapter of your life.  Even tho we know you still got LSATs i know you’ll do fine bro!


Mmm so I’ve been thinking a lot lately about being happy at this point.  Right now…I’m definitely NOT.  Since I live by myself right now, I’ve had feelings of loneliness. 

No car = No plans for Kevin =[

It seems everyones moving and going on with their lives without me and have been choosing me over their boyfriends/girlfriends.  Its okay and I totally understand.  But still it sucks a lot basically being on house arrest.  It doesn’t help when your close friends and a girlfriend go off clubbing without you and don’t even give an invite.  However, its not their responsibility to bring me everywhere, but still them knowing I’ve been pretty bored and miserable with my life doesn’t really help the situation.  In fact I called them to see if they wanted to go to the gym with me and both of them didn’t mention anything.  

I feel like I’m losing all my friends, but on a happier note I’ve never been closer to my mom and brother before. 

Mmm now for Nancy’s post.  So its been almost 1.5 years since Frank and Nancy started going out which means its been over 1.5 years since my last relationship.  My feelings for Nancy are done with but still theres that burning question I always ask myself…its been a long time so why haven’t I been in a relationship?  I can easily answer that question though…I’m just too busy during the school year.  However, its times of boredom like now that I really wish I was with someone.  Someone to give me hope and knowing that someone REALLY cares about me, other than family.  Honestly I haven’t met anyone I even want to date, which is really surprising because in the past I used to crush over so many girls.  There have been girls here and there since Nancy, but it definitely hasn’t been A LOT of girls.  

I’m sensitive about my feelings and usually I push away girls because in the end usually they leave me and I’m the one that is left hurt. 

I guess I’m not on house arrest for too much longer and I really shouldn’t hold any grudges against James and Kim.  I don’t really know what to do anymore.  After all you can’t always rely on other people.  I guess for now I have to try my best to be as independent as possible and busy my time slots up.  Ironically thats not how society works though.  Communities work as a system and I really can’t stand people that say they’re independent.   But thats a different story. 

I’m not sure if I’ll ever fit in anymore or find that special girl but I’m going to try my best.  Last thing I need is insecurities holding me back from living life. 

Damnit, am I unlucky or what? My other DESKTOP died today.  I swear I go through so many hard drives…First it was my laptop, then my 2nd laptop, then my external hard drive, then my 2nd external hard drive, and now this one.  We’ll at least I get enough time to fix them all this summer.

I’m finally a TRUE xanga member! I definitely am since I’ve had mine since freshman year in high school.  I guess xanga for life?

Pretty much summer life has been boring as predicted…I’ve read A LOT and really haven’t gone out much, partly because of my car.  As for PCATs I haven’t really been studying lately but I’m probably going to start first thing Wednesday or Thursday.  Reading has been an amazing experience for me and I continue to think differently about the world. 

Gym progress has gone really well during this last week and so has my meals/diet.  I know I’ve lost a lot of water weight so far, but honestly it hasn’t really been hard.  I’ve just been preparing my meals in advance and I finally got my cooler to store my meals!  But damn! I had my meal plan on my desktop for this week.  Oh well, thanks to http://www.redpointfitness.com, I just created a new meal/workout plan.  Although I personally don’t think they’re are enough veggies in their meals but its all right.   We’ll see how this goes while IronAddict is still healing up from his bike crash.  Cardio outside is just suicide…I fucking start dying because of allergies.  It also means I really can’t go anywhere but I can’t walk or bike. 

Kung fu has been going well.  I haven’t been going as often as I would like to, but with spring festival coming up, I definitely need to practice more!  Tomorrow I’m going to buy some wooden dowels so I can practice in public; after all I don’t wanna look like a mad man, walking around with double swords.  I mean I’ve all ready had them confiscated once =]  Tomorrow, we have a performance at Hei La Mun and Sunday its one of the family member’s wedding.  It keeps me some what busy. 

Working at CVS, like I’ve always had.  A little more hours and I just gave my availability and hopefully I don’t get too many hours.  I don’t really need the money that bad and still want to enjoy the summer.  Plus the job is really stressful…full of complaints.  Allergies don’t help and its hard for me to concentrate and be perfect at what I’m doing.  After all I am dealing with people’s medications.  But hopefully it will be manageable.  Thank god for my uncle for driving me to work everyday.  He’s definitely a life saver =]

Once Leo comes back, hopefully we can pull off another dance production.  I’m excited to work with Kriss and I’m interested in how he carries out performances.  Apparently Song Nga wants us to do another performance at some fashion show.  Since I’m not really organizing it this time, I don’t think its going to be too much stress.  I kinda wanna go back to my dance studio again after taking a hiatus from school and everything.  But again no car =T.  I’m trying to get a cwalk group organized and I’m teaching several people this summer.  If your interested tell me and I’ll fit you in my not so busy schedule =p

This summer I haven’t really had too much fun because of not having a car and pretty much me being bored.  There’s nothing ever to do but honestly summer is what you make of it.  I’ve been trying to set myself out on little projects to keep my mind going.  There are several things I want to do this summer though.  I want to get in touch with all my high school friends and at least catch a movie, chill, or have lunch together.  It’s so important to keep contacts now a days, especially when we don’t see each other anymore. 

My bigger event is going to New York to go clubbing and “fob tourists” for a day.  Apparently there are some clubs that are 18+ and I think it would be fun to go again!  Maybe I’ll go to Toronto and meet the TCW crew! haha

Anyways, heres a question for ya’ll!

If you guys have any suggestions leave a facebook message or comment below. 

Peace out

Surprisingly everything went okay with my dad…he was reasonable for once.  I’ve finished everything and the car is currently being repaired right now at Clay Autobody near the Santa Dunkin Donuts.

Anyways today is not about that (more like yesterday).

My mom is my motivation in life.  I’ve never seen someone sacrifice and work so hard before…all for me and my brother.  Mom always makes miracles happen and supports me, unlike my dad (which is a story for another day).  She’s more understanding and reasonable. 

But don’t get it twisted, my mom has had some extremely hard times throughout her life.  A lot of the time, her hard work isn’t recognized and it doesn’t bother her that much and she still moves on.  Hearing her stories from coming from nothing and seeing her accomplishments is really amazing. 

Although I sometimes get aggravated, I know she’s just looking out for me, whether reminding me about a dentist appointment for the 10th time or yelling at me to get up in the morning.  I truly think of all people my mom understands some of the same things I go through and at least recognizing how hard I try at things.  There was a time when I really treated her bad (Senior year) and I regret it so much now. It was a mix of stress and  just everyday problems… I didn’t really feel like talking in general to her.  But thats no excuse.

Maybe its watching me collapse on the couch from work, but when I wake up I go into the kitchen to find a home cooked meal for me.  Its these little things that shows she loves me.  I can’t even begin to explain how much she’s done for me.  In comparison, sometimes I really question why don’t I try to do more for her.  I’ve never once doubted that and honestly like Tupac said,

“Theres no way that i can pay you back…
But the plan is to show you that I understand
You are appreciated”

My mom is my true hero and role model.
Happy Mothers Day

Love your oldest son,

Kevin Edward Yee

So in case you guys didn’t know I got into a hit and run accident Sunday morning with Kim, Michelle, and Eileen.  About $2000+ in damages and I’m left without a car.  I tried chasing the guy but couldn’t catch up.  The guy was drunk and swerving the whole time and it was a white working van.  Luckily insurance is willing to repair it and I’m about to tell my dad now.  He’s probably will ripshit but honestly I don’t care.  I took responsibility to handle everything from the police report to the insurance company.  People like him really don’t matter in my life and won’t ever change.  No sense in arguing with the stubborn.  He won’t ever realize that worse things could of happened…me or my passengers being hurt or even killed. 

As for the drunk driver, its pretty typical…run away so you wont have to take responsibility for it.  You fucked up and you should take responsibility for it.  Stop being such a pussy and own up.  I really wonder why some people are like that and what the fuck goes through their minds.  Obviously you would be pissed if I did the same to you…

But sometimes thats how life goes and you just gotta deal with the rainy days. 

Thanks to my friends and family for supporting me during these times.  Been going through a lot lately, but in the end it doesn’t really seem so bad.