She fills me up with feelings of happiness, appreciation, and fulfillment in life. 
At the same time, we both know being together is sacrificing my future. 
Its not easy.  That’s just life.



So that was a short entry but yea
-Gym’s been fucking awesome
-Chilling with Helen D’s friends =p
-making plans to see my friends
-havent even cracked open a book in awhile =T
-fucked up my sleep sced
-no hours at CVS =]


Went to the celtics parade and it was awesome.  Saw an old lady get nailed with a block of confetti and a guy get hit with a screw.  Yeah Boston…home of the assholes and riots.  Most of the pics are on facebook but here are a few…


The rest are on facebook.  Mmm i was going to do a more personal update today but ill leave that for another day.

Fuck it im going to embed it in this post.  Basically I realized how BAD i am at expressing my feelings toward others.  Especially if I get pissed with someone or relationships.  I just blow off some steam and never fix the problem or I just shut myself up.  Especially when I like someone…i’ll never say anything about it which leaves me in friendzone.  Luckily I haven’t liked that many girls so that explains my lack of activity if you know what I mean.

Pretty busy lately…trying to clean out the house and went to Newton North graduation; probably the last one until my brother graduates.  Life is pretty simple right now.  Gym, eating, cooking, work, sleep, dance practice, kung fu, TV, and studying for PCATs. 

Mmm been spending more time with my brother.  I don’t think we’ve bonded this well since we were little kids.  We kind of lost connection between my senior year and college.  It’s crazy watching him growing up.  I still remember him running around the house naked, not wanting to take a shower. 

Kung fu and lion dancing have been going great.  I’ve been practicing for spring festival on June 22nd!  Whoever still reads this should come to Boston’s Chinatown and watch all the shows.  Been doing some “secret” training that I can’t reveal =p

Choreographed dancing is a bitch.  I hate memorizing stuff but I feel once I memorize the moves, everything just flows from there.  Since I’ve been cwalking for awhile, I know how to beat ride and stuff.  I have big plans for my upcoming youtube video.  So yeah. 

Friends…well I’ve compiled a list of people I wanted to see this summer…I haven’t seen a lot of people since high school.  Really kinda woke me up when I went to graduation and I don’t want to lose my connections.  However, recently I’ve been a loner.  Oh well I guess its those times…friends have girlfriends/boyfriends and priorities change. 

Gym has been awesome.  Diets been straight, too.  I’m trying to figure out how I want to log my gym progress.  I want to do it here, but I want a separate account or break it down into subcatagories.  Maybe I’ll make another xanga and see how that goes. 

As for my mom, she got a promotion at State Street (Yay mommy).  But still she’s really stressed.  Idk my whole family is in a mess right now.  She worries about me, my grandmother, her mom, my aunt coming down from California, and other things.  I’m just trying to help right now and clean the house so that’s one less thing she has to worry about.  As for my popo (my mom’s mom for all you non-chinks), I found out she has cancer from my brother.  Its already been a month and my mom still hasn’t told me.  However, from what my brother says its not too serious.  However, chemo is hell and after studying it in my classes, some people say that dying is much easier than the therapy.  But hopefully it isn’t that serious. 

Mmm today I’m going to finish cooking my steak and veggies, clean the living room, do the laundry, do cardio,  go to work, and practice kung fu.  Maybe going clubbing tonight but I’m not sure yet.  But I have a lot on my plate right now so I better get cracking.

Btw awesome song =]