“We have this idea that love is supposed to last forever.
But love isn’t like that.
It’s a free-flowing energy that comes and goes when it pleases.
Sometimes it stays for life;
other times it stays for a second, a day, a month, or a year.
So don’t fear love when it comes simply because it makes you vulnerable.
But don’t be surprised when it leaves, either.
Just be glad you had the opportunity to experience it.”

-Neil Strauss

The quote speaks for itself and really opened my eyes. I never thought a book could change my views on things so much. Well anyways I got like 150 more pages until I finish the book -_-


My freshman year of college I only had a few interests…but especially after this summer I realized that I’m interested in many more activities.   I’ll list them because I’m too lazy to type all of them….

1.  Weight lifting/nutrition/ personal training/ supplements
2.  Hung Gar and Fighting
3.  Choreo Dance and C-walking
4.  “Life Hacking” (basically doing stuff more efficiently” like studying, money management, etc…)
5.  Producing beats and hip hop
6.  Leadership, Charisma, and “the game”
7.  Helping people and contributing to society

This is quite a long list and I think I should have more focus on what activities I should use my free time on.  But all of these express parts of me and are an extension of my soul (not to sound gay).  Each thing has taught me many lessons and morals.  However, I don’t know if I’m going to be awesomely awesome compared to other people.

But to me, that doesn’t really matter… as long as I know I’m striving to be a better person and I’m improving over time, that’s all that matters. 

I’m going to keep this one short because it’s late, but I just want to end this off with.Dr Dre’s….

DETOX 2008!!!!!!!

Back when…

Chronic (1992)-  I was 4-5 years old going to preschool in Quincy.  I remember riding my tricycle killing worms on the sidewalk and nap time.  Also my favorite toy was a police car than would light up and make noises =]  Btw, this is when preschools used to play kiddy music on record players or cassette players and made you sleep in those uncomfortable green plastic beds -_-

Chronic (2001)-  I was in 6 or 7th grade being an epic nerd.  I loved playing Starcraft but it ate all my hard drive space.  My computer only had 700 mb disk space and like 8 mb of ram -_-.  I bet people thought I was a confused nerd, listening to all this hakgui music during math team.

Detox (supposed to come out 2006)- It was supposed to come out MY senior year of high school and I’ve been
waiting ever since.  It supposed to “change the game” and rap about new
stuff other than the typical drugs, alcohol, bitches, low riders, and
other overplayed shit.  Me and garb were like omg its going to come out and I downloaded a “pre mixtape” of it.  That mixtape ended up being a “How to committ suicide video with Barney the purple dinosaur”.  Yea… don’t ask. 

Detox (when it does come out…nm if it DOES come out)-  I’ll probably be dead or just going into retirement.  At this rate they pushed it back like 4 times already -_-  Better be worth the hype! 

Anyways peace kneegrows!

Top 10 Tips for Succeeding At School/College

Top 10 Tips for Succeeding At School/College

“Success” is a term that is not clearly defined but so many people strive for it. My idea of success in college is exposing yourself to new things while maintaining happiness and good grades. From here, hopefully you’ll find what is important to you and what kind of career or service you want to contribute to society. Hopefully these tips will help you do well in school and be happy. Many of my ideas have came from Cal Newport’s Study Hacks, his two books, and other productivity blogs, so if you want to read more go to his website.

1. Make some sort of organization system

There are many appointments, classes, and other obligations that need to be remembered. Cal Newport talks about his 5 minutes scheduling system that is REALLY easy. The only thing you need is a calendar (use Google calendar or a real one…doesn’t matter too much) and a piece of scrap paper.

Think of your calendar as the master list of things to do. With the calendar, you have to look at upcoming deadlines and such. It gives you a better idea of what is coming up and so you won’t be surprised about shit.

With the scrap paper, you are going to make two columns: the schedule and things to remember. Under the things to remember, you will write down everything that comes up during the day (group meetings… frat parties… events or assignments that you want to put in your calendar). The schedule you are going to schedule things that you need to do that day and you are going to look at your calendar for things to put under.

However, this is not a to do list! Give yourself more time than needed to do stuff, like give an hour for meals or like give 2 hours for a 100 page reading assignment. The point is to make sure you ACTUALLY get stuff done and maintain flexibility with your schedule. Shit comes up and that happens, but you have to prepare for it when it does!
At the end of the day you are going to write everything in the things to remember column in your calendar and repeat the next day.
2. Schedule Free Time

It’s important to relax and just chill out. I usually like scheduling this time at the end of the day before I sleep. The key to success is not becoming too overwhelmed or stressed in college. Call a friend, IM some people, or maybe watch an episode of Scrubs or porn. Whatever helps you get your stress levels down. People focus too much on what to do that they forget the importance of doing nothing. This also helps eliminate procrastination.

3. Don’t do too much. Quality over quantity.

This isn’t high school and I doubt medical school or graduate schools give a shit about your list of activities. Do they care if you were a member of Chinese Student Association? Probably not. If stuff is too overwhelming for you don’t do it. Just remember, academics and your own happiness is more important than trying to list a bunch of activities. However, by doing less you’ll have more time to devote to school and more time to pursue the things you really care about. With this extra time you can devote this toward a bigger cause like publishing a book or a science article. All it takes to do these type of things is to start early and pay your dues. When you see the opportunity to take on a big project, do it!

4. Start early on shit!

As soon as you get that syllabus from that professor, look at all the due dates. They should go into your calendar. Start from day 1 on big projects so that you won’t have to pull all nighters. Doing things little bit at a time will make the project less painful and will make it seem that things aren’t that bad after all. Plus when you procrastinate and do things for long spurts your energy gets depleted very quickly and the hours of work don’t actually equal the hours for productivity. Think about it. You work 10 hours on a project. But how many hours were you actually working?

5. Stay connected with people

Don’t hermit yourself up. College is a time of making friendships and a time where you work on speaking to people. After all, the feeling of doing nothing on a Friday night sucks right? Hopefully, you’ll have friends to just kick it with you. Also don’t forget about your friends back home. Winter break is LONG…you don’t want to be alone, doing nothing during that time! Staying happy is essential to success!

6. Go to class!

We’ve all done it before and said we could just self study the materials. However, why waste your free time. The professor goes and highlights the important things that he/she is going to test on. Why waste your time, trying to understand a topic that your professor can clear up for you right there and then. Going to class is probably one of the best time saving things you can do for your college career. Plus it helps to get the professor to recognize you and build some sort of relationship with the professor. Help is readily there so take advantage of it!

7. Stay “Healthy”

How can your mind function, when your body cannot? Treat exercise as a priority to yourself. Good eating and training habits are important for your health. How can you achieve great things if you’re going to die at an early age? It serves as an energy and self-confidence booster. It’s one less thing to worry about (Freshman 15 or 50 =p) . I could go on about this but I think it deserves its own article.

8. 50 minutes on and 10 minutes off

So when actually studying, I find that working 50 minutes on and 10 minutes off is the best strategy. During that 10 minutes you can use that time to check your email or do whatever. However, those 50 minutes you are going to do nothing but study! This is the best way to keep myself focused when studying. Again, this makes the assignment or project less painful.

9. Clean your room and yourself up

Don’t study in your room. There are too many distractions in it. Having a clean room, helps you relax after getting home from a long day. You want this to be your retreat and have nothing to do with your work or anything of that sort. Being disorganized makes you less relaxed and cleaning your room is one more thing to worry about.
By cleaning yourself up, I mean don’t scrub out everyday. What happens when you see that hot girl in class and you smell like shit and your scrubed out. Your self confidence goes down and it’s NOT a good feeling when that happens. Plus you want to look somewhat professional for your professors. Believe it or not people judge on your appearances and not being dressed promotes laziness and shit like that.

10. Study when your energy levels are best and sleep

Your energy levels are at its peak during the day. Humans were not made to be nocturnal, so we get tired at night. You know how it is. When its night time the only thing that you want to do is go to sleep and it’s much harder to concentrate. Plus nighttime should be the time where you just kick it and reduce your stress levels. Sleep quality is important for processing the information you just learned and feeling good during the day. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll feel bitchy and feel like shit. When you feel like shit, how do you have the energy to do your daily tasks. Last thing you want to do is study and you just want to nap. Naps are BAD because they screw up your sleep cycle by sleeping later and later. From this point you’re just setting yourself up in a vicious cycle.

Anyways I’m just chilling at 88 just writing what I’m interested about. I just wanted to share this information with you guys. I know a lot of you just finished midterms, so it’s a fresh new start for you guys. I’m sure I forgot some other things, but these are the things that came to mind. Try this out for awhile and see what happens. And if cramming works for you then keep on doing it. I’m just offering a solution that’s less stressful and more effective.

Nerds, Hip Hop, + other passions = Kevin Yee


I’ve always felt throughout my life its been consistent struggle to fit in. Growing up through elementary, middle, and half of high school, I was probably the dorkiest kid around. Yep, I had it all: glasses, computer shirts. You name it and I probably did it. This was back when I was apart of math, science, and chess team and when Friday and Saturday night I looked forward to playing Warcraft III with friends. I used to take extra classes at MIT and had Chinese school on Saturdays and Sundays. Yes it was hard work and probably set me up towards the wrong path with more is better.

However, behind the nerdy glasses I always wanted to fit in with the cool kids. You know the ones that always had fun and listened to rap and hip hop. Little that they knew, I was listening to ODB, Tupac, and DMX as well. I always thought “hey if I listen to the same music, maybe they would accept me”. But this never happened. I was never picked on, but it felt worse to be ignored. So I just kept doing what I did best. I wanted to show the world I could be smart and cool. John Garabedian was my friend since 2nd grade and I felt was stuck in the same position as me. We hated being classified as nerds. We always were pretty close until recently. However, whenever I see him he brings a smile to my face and we remember the old times. Watching BET’s Rap City before model UN, creating our math team name (JEW UNIT)….

I still remember my first crushes and those are still painful to this day. Most of them went like this….I liked them but they didn’t like me and they went out with another guy. Back then this was hard to accept, but looking at it now there was nothing I could do about those situations. If someone doesn’t like you, they don’t like you simple as that. But the feeling of rejection…I don’t think I ever got over that.

These are all memories of an unforgettable past. So what happened?

I started chilling with Asians my junior and senior year. At first they probably thought I was the nerdiest kid around…Hell they probably still do. Regardless, they eventually accepted me into their group. Chilling and doing stuff outside in the city was more fun that playing Friday night Warcraft. I had more freedom to do what I wanted and dress like a hakgui too. Regardless I still kept my academics up and still had some nerd left in me…

It’s funny I thought hakguis were the coolest people ever back in the day. They didn’t take shit from anyone and the gang life was romantized. Looking back on it, for most people it was just a phase. I mean after all many of those people are nothings and will be nothings. For me, it will always be that nerdy kid struggling to gain acceptance and that started my love for hip hop. It’s that common struggle that brings me so close to it today.


I still find myself in that struggle. Of course I handle things differently now and have a different perspective of things. Gaining acceptance from people has always been hard for me and throwing away fear of rejection is hard. I know I have facebook and I know quite a bit of people. Like my father said, “There will be very few people that you can truly call friends in your life”.

It seems I’m stuck at that crossroad again. I just simply can’t explain my feelings to people. Especially recently. But thats going to be another entry.

OCD People and the magical formula

What I’ve noticed especially in the lifting community, is that people obsess over every last detail and consistently try to change things too quickly without seeing if things work. For example, lets say the average Joe finds the 5×5 program and does it for a week. But oh wait theres also the German volume training program and I haven’t seen results yet! Well one you are not going to see results in a week. After abusing your body for so long, do you really think that you are going to get magical results like that? I doubt it. It usually takes a month or two to see how progress is with a lifting program. The message I’m trying to send here is that PATIENCE is the key to success for many things not only lifting. America is too bent over instant gratification and maybe that is what got us in this shitty economy. People simply want results NOW or want to know NOW. Sorry America, but in order to learn or do anything, you have to pay your DUES! Oh BTW why ask for advice if you know your not going to use it!

However, I have noticed people try way too hard to accomplish things. For example, when I see people at the gym, I just simply shake my head when I see them do way too much. They want to lift and they want to run, nevermind that yoga class too. People simply think more is better. Plus your body can only handle so much stress. Luckily, humans are very adaptable, but the key is maintaining balance. I won’t get into the details, but leave your body enough time to recover. That includes WORKOUTS and STUDYING. Don’t worry about your GPA!

It’s all about efficiency and devoting a habit of devoting an amount of time towards. When I say efficiency, I mean stop wasting your time and do things in the quickest way possible without suffering quality. Stop focusing on how many clubs you can sign up for or how much work you have to do. In the end, people simply give a shit about it (this was probably for me the hardest lesson to learn). You want results and to get things done. Trying to do a few things, but have them be amazing. On your spare time, do something that you are interested in…maybe you develop a passion with it. Things will take their place and life.

In the end, it comes down what works for you and it’s simply just that. People are so different physically and mentally so it’s hard to generalize. You see this all the time at the gym. “Oh you should really try this! It got me huge in a week!!!” Although, I really doubt that statement, that great for you but it won’t work with everyone. All the successful people I’ve read about and encountered, all have their own systems that they stick by and that organizes their life.

IF YOU DIDNT READ THE TOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So okay if you didn’t read the top, basically I applied my gym knowledge, forums, books, and blog readings to life. I’ll list it down for you.

1. Be patient; things don’t come quickly
2. Put consistent effort into things; don’t work too hard. Relaxing is just as important as working.
3. Focus of efficiency
4. Do whatever works for you. But don’t be afraid to try new stuff.

I’m no expert at this stuff. I’m just a simple Asian kid trying to live a simple life. I just took from what Ironaddict, Study Hacks, several books on leadership, and other blogs have taught me. I read all these articles and basically the same message, no matter what the material. I’m far from perfect, but at least reading useful things has improved my productivity and happiness 100 fold for this year. I just hope to spread this knowledge to you guys!

Why devote so much toward love and relationships?

I was reminiscing on an old my old hard drive where I found old music videos that I used to download. One of the songs was “Tell me”. It never hit me until today if there was a good reason to be in a relationship. Of course you feel that satisfaction of someone caring and loving you, but is it worth it?

Think about all that money and hard work that you spend. Now think of it as gone. I don’t mean wasted because you do what you makes you happy in life (minus drugs because they actually release 12 times more dopamine and other pleasure chemicals than the best sex you will ever have, but thats another story). Think how many other people in need you could help out with that money. Think about how much more stress free life is without having to worry about someone or vice versa. Emotional ups and downs cause instability and feelings complicate situations more than they are actually. You can see stuff much clearer when not in a complicated situation with another.

In theory, relationships aren’t that complicated. Boy or girl has problem and there ares 2 ways to solve it; either you find a solution together or ignore it and realize thats its not worth fixing or being stubborn. Jealousy can be solved by just trusting each other. After ignorance is bliss and worse comes to worse, you know better next time. Communication is essential and knowing what is expected from each other is equally significant. When you realize that person can’t give you what you expect from them or you realize they don’t deserve your trust, you either deal with it or break up. Especially when we’re so young, our own priorities come first especially with education. Not saying don’t get into a relationship, be we owe it to our ancestors and family to do well in life. At least in my family, they’ve always strived to do better. However, at the same time relationships are another part of education. You learn what you can deal with and what you can’t. It’s pretty simple.

However, this is real life and isn’t that simple. Like I said before feelings make things complicated. Why do we hold on and care so much even if the other person doesn’t give a shit? Why do you think about that person everyday? Why can’t you remember all the bad times? I sometimes wonder why these things happen, especially with me. I hold on to things for way too long and think way too much sometimes. However, with every relationship I have it feels like I’ve learned from my previous lessons and strive to better myself.

It’s amazing what I’ve been doing recently. Ever since I’ve been single, like I said I have been busy transforming myself into an efficient machine. I’m getting reacquainted with technology and music that I’ve long neglected (blogs, especially study hacks, and the wonders of software save SO much time with bills, info, and almost ANYTHING). My grades are straight A’s so far and I’ve been chilling with more of my WPI friends. I helped CSA start a hip hop dance crew and its going really well (its not just Chinese people doing it but blacks, whites, hispanics, and everyone). I physically get stronger, more flexible, and feel like my combat skills are improving. My dancing and cwalking has drastically improved but of course are far from satisfactory. I’m teaching some people how to swim. Holy shit man, I’m going to Hong Kong, DECEMBER 28th!! I spend time with my mom and Chris. Most of all I learned to REALLY organize my digital life and physical (INCLUDING MY ROOM).

Best of all though, I’m not close to burnt out and have much free time to explore my passions in life.

However, there are some drawbacks. After coming back to Boston, I feel lonely sometimes…no parties… no fun. It seems like its hard to get back in touch with some people back at home. Ironically this is how I felt in Worcester my freshman year. Don’t get me wrong I dont like Worcester or WPI (except the coursework), but it feels like I’ve started a new life over here.

Regardless, back to my original topic. Think about all the potential you have being single and how it changed me. If your happy in a relationship, hats off to you. If you can manage everything and on top of that have a boyfriend/girlfriend, double brownie points for you. It’s not the end of the world even if it feels like it (believe me I still have my breakdowns about if I did the right thing or not). But what’s done is done and thats it. If you broke up, it probably was not meant to be and there was a mismatch or conflict somewhere.

Just remember, even if you feel like shit, you have the potential to make others happy whether it is someone new on the street or an old homie. Try hard but not OCD hard and everything will become clear and fall into place. But what the hell do I know…I’m just a biochemistry/prepharmacy major…

“Love, hate, mistakes
tell me what you think is going on
debates all day
tell me what you think is going on
too late heart break
tell me what you think is going on
whats going on whats going on”

Tell me -Smilez and Southstar