Happy thanksgiving!

I know I’ve been MIA from xanga and real life but my project for Hong Kong and school in general is kicking my ass.  Hopefully, I throw something before I leave (Dec 28th at 6:00 AM) so I get to see all of you guys!

Anyways since its thanksgiving, it time to realize what I’m thankful for family, friends, my passions blah blah blah
I know a lot of people are going to say these things but I’ve made a top 10 list (in no order) of the smaller things in life that I’m thankful for. 

Kevin Yee’s top 10 list of the smaller things in life

1.  The feeling after pressing heavy weights and progressing at the gym.  It doesn’t matter if its just a few pound increase.  But its makes me feel great that I’m improving and its a blessing to train hard when others don’t have the opportunity to.  Plus after the gym, I feel like im in the zone and jacked and tanned!  (my new haircut btw)

2.  Finding money that you didn’t know you had or just being thrifty and buying something REALLY cheap.

3.  Walking at night in the city, beach or along the Charles River.  At the end of the night it always clears out my mind. 

4.  Sleeping on fresh comfy sheets or putting on clothes straight from the dryer.  Add this with lots of sleep and then I’m really happy.

5.  Crazy dreams.  I swear my dream life is more exciting than my real life, despite my homicidal tendencies in them.  

6.  PORN…haha just kidding but finding food in the kitchen that my mom cooked.  I know I can be a bitch to my mom but that’s just because I’m running on low sleep or stressed out.  But even with all that she still finds time for me in her busy schedule. 

7.  Finding out someone has a crush on you without you ever realizing. 

8.  Listening through an old collection of music and the nostalgic factor.  Brings up memories with old friends and happy times.  Kind of makes you wonder though…what the hell happened between you too.

9.  Holding the door for an old lady or just random acts of kindness to complete strangers.  Added bonus if someone thanks you or appretiates something you did. 

10.  Failure and heartbreak.  Although it definitely doesn’t make me happy, it pushes me to become a better person.  It feeds my motivation to do better and makes me focus what I need to work on.

Here’s my list…I didn’t that hard about it and I just randomly popped things out.  Probably a lot more things but this is all for today. 

But its also important to give back to the community as well so…

What I’m giving back…

-Donating a shitload of canned goods ($20 worth)
-Buying a random homeless person a meal