Damn came back from Mike’s house the other day, looking at old high school pics of Asian Nights, my 17th and 18th birthday, and other events.

So many memories are brought back…

I’m not going to write all the memories down because there’s too many and maybe I’ll elaborate later.  Its crazy how much has changed since we were 16 and now (20-21).  People drifted apart, drama happened, basically things changed and we grew up.  Especially today being Lauren’s birthday, I really wonder about how life is REALLY short.  Is it really worth the drama or stressing over the little things?

In short, I just wanted to say even though we’ve gone our separate ways and drifted apart, we all share memories with each other that I never want to forget.  It’s these memories I look back on when I’m at my worst. 

To those I tagged on facebook,I just wanted to let you guys know that if I haven’t seen you in awhile, we should catch up.  You all have some place in my heart after all these years. (SO CORNY)

HOPEFULLY I can get those embarassing pictures from Mike!


20 days left until I leave for Hong Kong…

Hmm…so here I am typing away on xanga.

So I’m leaving for Hong Kong and I’ve never been away from home so long before.  A part of me is scared because my cantonese isn’t good and just being in a new place.  But then I know that I’m going to have fun there and that uncertainty is exciting.  I get to finally give something back to my people…not exactly my people but good enough.  MOST IMPORTANT I HOPE MY SUPPLEMENTS GET THROUGH THE AIRPORT!

By going to Hong Kong, I hope to become a person with a better insight on how different people think.  I want to have a different experience from everyone else.  But most of all I want to have fun (with hookers…jk?)!!!  I know what goes on in HK stays there so I’m just going to throw myself out there trying new things.   

Anyways back to America.

School has been draining with my classes especially writing which is a big weakness for me.  Organic synthesis is just hard, grasping all the small concepts and memorizing mechanism.  I want to stress that my classes are hard not impossible.  I want to blame school for me not going out anymore, but that’s not it.  I love meeting people and I’m definitely an extravert.  However, theres something these days keeping me back and I know exactly what it is…JACK amd VIETNAMESE PEOPLE! Just kidding…wait…maybe not.


Maybe at times, but hell I keep myself busy.  Cleaning the house, spending time and stuff for the family, school, kung fu, lifting, and last minute stuff for Hong Kong?  There’s tons of things to do. 

WHATEVER… I’m leaving America and my problems behind…
Hello kitty to hookers, clubs, and California fitness.