MIA? Hell yea

So I haven’t written in this thing forever because I’ve been too busy having fun.  Last week before I left for Hong Kong was fun because I got to see some faces I haven’t seen in awhile.


Christmas was chill too with my family and stuff, but honestly I don’t really remember too much other than the sam sik bing (3 colored dessert drink).

Presents I got for X-mas/Going away
-Lunch at DK in chinatown (connie tran)
-Camera (Nancy)
-Fallout 3 (Brother)
-Nike Cortez (Mom)
-Another pair of Cortez (Jimmy and Cindy)
-Pho (Kimmy)
-LOTS of cash (Family)

Probably some other stuff but it’s been so long. 

New Years
New Years was really fun!  We went to Tsim Sha Tsui to look at the buildings in Hong Kong island.  But since we got kicked out by the police, some WPI students and I went to LKF then the waterfront for fireworks.  Unfortunately, I spent midnight outside the girls bathroom taking care of SOMEBODY who will remain nameless.  Dropped her off and went clubbing at like 2 AM – 6 AM.  Mad fun!  Kicked it with a new friend and met some sexy girls!

Hong Kong

I know night before I left I was kind of freaking out, but I was totally wrong about Hong Kong.  People are so nice here and are easy to talk to.  Food is amazing and MUCH cheaper than America.  Clubs are fun and open until 6 AM, but people dance kinda weird here.  Oh btw lots of hot girls!

Hong Kong has taught me a lot and has been so fun!  I feel like I can be myself and be confident about who I am.  PUA, school, dance, gym, not working…its the good life!  So many stories I’ll post some up later.

I’m not going to say too much cuz pictures are worth a thousand words!  Uploading some in a bit!  I’m going to try to shoot a video here of what it’s like!

I’m thinking about traveling to Manila…only 200 bucks!