Random Thoughts

The more people I meet, the more I feel disconnected from the world.  Quite ironic isn’t it?

Ever since I started college I realized it’s pretty easy to meet new people.  Although I might know these people, I really don’t “know” them at all.  Maybe its just a WPI thing, being forced into a school full of social outcasts, but I find it harder and harder to deeply connect to people.  Its always the simple and typical conversation:
A: “Hi, I’m ______.”
B: “Hi, Nice to meet you.”
*Awkward silence*
A: “You suck and you’re boring. I’m leaving you to watch porn.”
Even after studying PUA books, you learn to spice conversation up but in the end, you don’t really benefit from small talk.  I swear in high school, it was much easier to meet people…maybe because we were all stuck in the same shithole high school.  
Not to sound gay, but I used to really like talking on the phone.  You could really relate to what people were thinking and see how good of a friend and person was.  I guess text messaging really killed those days and maybe college life taught everyone “if your not banging them, don’t talk to them on the phone”.  
I’m pretty sure its just another stage in life and honestly I’m sort of (not really) glad that I went to WPI.  That solitude and lack of friends taught me what was important to me and what to do on my own time.  More time for kung fu, dancing, lifting, cooking, and learning stuff I actually care about.
Maybe its society, text messaging, or college life, but its most likely because I’ve changed and gotten past the materialistic things in life.  *turns my swag on*