Never have I ever been so unsure about my future…

If you guys don’t know I applied to about 12/13 pharmacy schools.  So far I haven’t heard back from most of them, which blows.  I made second round for Touro Univerisity and California Northstate.  But still, never have I’ve ever been so unsure with my life, especially if I don’t make it to pharmacy school.

So after I come out of WPI, I’ll have a Minor in Chemistry and a Major in Biochemistry with a concentration in Medicinal Chemistry.  I really don’t want to go the biochemistry route and do lab work all day.  It’s too boring, you deal with carcinogens daily, and the pay isn’t that great. 

Boring + shitty pay + an early death sentence? No thanks lol

So my backup plan if I don’t make it to pharmacy school is to…

1.  Apply to a government job in biochemistry or w/e.  Great benefits and hopefully I won’t be in a lab all day…
2.  Apply to a biotechnology company (doesn’t look to good because this area is doing REALLY bad and no one is hiring.
3.  Start freelancing and expanding my business ideas… I’ve already signed up for an online course of freelancing.
4.  Work at CVS as a pharmacy tech or maybe try to get into a hospital as a tech.
5.  Maybe travel to Asia for 6 months if I don’t find anything to teach English.
6.  WPI grad school? Uhh I don’t think so.

It’ll probably be a mix of these plans and worse comes to worse I’ll reapply to Pharmacy school for the next year.

While it seems I’m very money oriented in what I’m doing, I actually just want the ability to have flexibility in my schedule and do what I want to do. 

Breaking the definition of the daily grind.