My last entry as a 21 chinky boy

From here people say it goes downhill after 21… but I look at it as a blessing and all the future opportunities ahead of me. 

I’m so lucky for everything I’ve gotten and had an opportunity to earn (everything from my pharmacy interviews, to working out, to going to school).  Hell… sometimes I’m surprised I’m still sitting here with all the stupid shit I do.  Every year I’m more satisfied with myself and consistently improving in all areas of my life.  I hope to contribute further to society (nah mang hobo life ain’t for me). 

I’m pretty happy with everything and explains why I don’t really write in my xanga as much anymore.  I used to always vent in this thing… but as I got older, I learned to not take things so seriously and seek to make myself happy, rather than waiting for other people to make me happy. 

Things that happened to me when I was 21

-I went clubbing. ALOT.
-Hong Kong Part 1 and 2!
-Got to know people I already “knew” better. That’s more important than meeting new people.
-Worked at UMass Medical making HIV drugs
-Interviews for pharmacy schools wish me luck!
-Got closer wtih my family and my brother
-Lifts have been going up =]
-I’m actually graduating from WPI! (I never though I would just because I thought I would of transfered out by now) 
-Actually made friends in Worcester and enjoy it here =X
-I’ve found people that will always be there for me. 

Most importantly…(skip this if you don’t like lovey dovey crap)

I know I wouldn’t have made it without support from you, Zarina.  You say I’m mean, cruel, and all sorts of things.  But in the end, you know my true personality and your always by my side (sorta since your in HK).  I came back to HK for you and honestly I don’t really know our future together, especially if I’m pursuing pharmacy school.  Whatever happens, we’ll take the hits and blows together and hopefully we’ll end up together.  But if we don’t, its sall good as long as your happy. 

Anyways I’m heartless *shrugs* hahahaha