I’m in pharmacy school now =]

Actually all these “bullshit” classes are a lot of hard work… most of these classes are all social science (sociology and social psychology). To be honest, I’m learning a lot about other people and myself from these classes AND they’re interesting as well. It’s kinda funny because a lot of these theories explain my own actions as well as others.

Anyways my birthday was pretty uneventful, but the Newton people threw me a BBQ. We went to Kells after and it kinda sucked from there. But its all good though knowing that I always have friends thinking about me. Anyways… recently I’ve been figuring out who my real friends or friends that I keep in contact are these days. Not like I’m antisocial or anything, but recently I haven’t been wanting to go out clubbing or anything.

Its been awhile since I’ve truly felt this, but damn I feel so damn emotional inside. Need to go back on the piracetam/choline stack and fix my amino acid deficiency. I’ve been realizing relationships… oh god so much stress and so many problems. Too many and I don’t really want to publicize online (not like anyone reads xanga), especially when I’m going to try to fix everything is bothering me. Whatever I’ll take it as it comes and accept whatever happens.

BTW weather is so nice outside and I just wanna get dark like a hakgui. I really want to go back to HK this summer since I probably can’t go for the next few years. I could technically buy my ticket, but that would just fuck my finances so bad. Whatever… one step at a time right?