Even though things don’t always workout…

Even though things don’t always workout the way you wanted too, its not necessarily a horrible thing.  While your initial feelings could be “OMFG my life is over..FML”, most people just don’t realize the new opportunities opening up. 

Thats part the thing I love about life… it’s spontaneous and always changing.  Whether its grinding it out at school, deciding to go “toyko drifting” with shopping carts, or doing a NYC run (Peter Lugers/Kyo Chon/Pinkberry/White Castle) last minute, its important to embrace every experience (yes even if its jail).

It’s your responsibility to seek out spontaneous adventures and fufill your obligations to society, family, and friends. Doors will always be opening and closing… so are you going to be one standing there deciding which to go through?

Hell no. Imma be the one sledgehammer-ing all the doors. No excuses, right?