Pursuit of happiness

I’ll be honest… I haven’t been this happy in a long time =)

Ever since going to MCPHS, things have been going uphill for me. I’ve met a lot of people both here in Worcester and back in Boston as well. Most of these people are from the south or California and they’re really genuinely great people. They bring out the best in me and I’ve finally found my passion to help people again. I guess all those years at WPI really did a number on me.

Although my grades aren’t exactly what I expected so far, it doesn’t really bother me.  I’m trying my best on every exam and trying to maintain my social life. I know for one thing if I was miserable I would be doing a shitload worse.  School has always been like a game to me… I’m always trying to find better strategies to perform better and save time.  I know its only going to get harder at this point, but I refuse to give up. 

For once I’m actually sure of what I want to do for my career.  There’s so many career opportunities out there for me and that time is rapidly approaching despite me starting school only a month ago. I’ve had ideas of serving in the military, doing clinical pharmacy, a drug representative, consulting, and even becoming a pharmacist AND an attorney. That’s right I’m actually thinking about law school after I’m done with pharmacy school. There’s still a lot of research that I need to do and I need to finish pharmacy school first, but I can dream right?

I think the number one thing that has changed over these few weeks, hasn’t been just me going to pharmacy school… I feel like I’m developing my personality and the kind of person I want to be. Who wants to be miserable all the time? Not me.  I feel like a lot of the time, the biggest enemy is yourself (I know really cliche, right?). You can either bitch and complain about how your life sucks, or you can suck it up and do something about it. Its so much easier to just go with the flow in life and enjoy your time on this earth. After all… nothing is forever.

I’ve been very fortunate for everything that has happened to me recently. I have a younger brother, who looks up to me and actually is proud of me. I mean hell… for the first time in my life, my dad is actually really proud and supports me. I never thought I were hear him ever say that. My mom of course has always been there for me and no matter what I do she’ll always support me.  I never realized it until I started school, but that’s love… unconditional love. I couldn’t ask more, but in addition to my family, I have the most supportive friends ever. I mean who doesn’t like pillow talking? I FUCKING LOVE PILLOW TALKING NO HOMO. 

I’d like to add that Zarina breaking up with me during the summer was devasting, but now its October and I’m looking at it as a blessing in disguise.  It helped me grow and truly realize my own self worth. Hell basically I’m beginning where I left off two years ago. Was it worth moping around and being depressed over a girl? Probably not lol. What I realized was that I was the limiting factor to my happiness and success. If I want something, I pursue it.  Basically I was making myself miserable over something that wasn’t there anymore.  My summer sucked a lot to be honest, but that was my fault for letting it be that way.

If you ever read this, when I really think hard about who lost out, it was you. I wouldn’t call it being cocky, but at the time no matter how many guys you date, you and I know that you’ll never find someone like me. Hell I was even considering moving to Hong Kong for you just to work things out.  Turns out that I was right and that I would put up with anything just to be with you. Its okay though, I don’t have any hard feelings or anger towards you =D

The most important thing I’ve learned these days was just to let things go, smile, and be spontaneous.  We’re in America… there’s so many things to try and experience.  If your having a shitty time at the club, fuck it… make your own fun. The real question is though… are you truly living your life the way you want it to be? The clock is ticking.

BTW random picture of me getting shoved in a trunk and going around Chinatown =D




Rest in peace Wesley aka Ironaddict…

Rest in peace Wesley aka Ironaddict…

You’ve been more than just my trainer for the last 4 years… you were my mentor and role model. Probably the one of the most intelligent and wisest people I knew. I don’t think I can ever hire another trainer again. But life moves on and I can still hear you telling me to “kill them weights”….

*squeezes captain of the crush grippers*