How did you find out about Xanga?

The first time I started a Xanga, I was still a sophomore nerd back in high school. I remember just making one and TOTALLY forgetting about it (  Back in the day, everyone in Boston used Xanga… well at least all the Asians (white people used livejournal and black people used blackplanet).  Just a random thought. most of the Asians used AsianAvenue before Xanga too.

When I first started Xanga, I loved it and posted everything lingering on my mind… including typical teenage problems and random thoughts.  Since I was somewhat socially awkward, it gave me a way to vent and connect with people.  In fact during high school, I met most of my friends through Xanga and it helped me socially. This was back in the day when all the Asians used to chill at frog pond and back when everyone was rocking AF1’s =)

Back in the day, I felt Xanga was a better way to read into people’s personalities and comment on a stranger’s random entry.  These days you can’t do that with Facebook. You can’t “random propz” someone and you definitely look like a creeper if you “super poke” someone.  I have to admit though the Facebook interface makes managing and keeping in touch with friends easier.

During my senior year of high school, people started leaving Xanga for Myspace and then later Facebook.  It’s probably one of the reasons why I don’t update here at all anymore. I used to have TONS of subscribers but now I barely have any.  It takes a lot of time to just read and update myself with other people’s entries… never mind writing my own.  But I find it intellectually stimulating to see what other people are thinking. 

To be honest, I don’t need Xanga as much as I did back then. Instead of complaining and ranting, I like to directly deal with my problems and live LIFE…. Time to sleep! Making gummy bears tomorrow in pharmaceutics class =)  

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