There is no set path, just follow your heart…

I couldn’t have asked for more eventful summer.  Between the heartbreak and the hell pharmacy school has put me through, I pulled through it.  Ironically when I’m at my worst, it brings out the best in me (corny… I know).  

In the past I would just sit around and wait for things to happen… I know pretty pathetic and I felt miserable. Since then I’ve been motivated to take initiative with not only my goals and school… but my life. Through the struggle and pain, the most important value I’ve realized (actually I read it in a book… “Conquer Your Campus”) was….

Giving love.

Giving love is not being “nice” to everyone or doing everything for anyone… that’s just being a little bitch and fake. People that do this also tend to seek attention for themselves usually because they’re lonely. How do I know this? Unfortunately, I used to be one of these people… but it doesn’t mean their bad people.

Giving love means bringing positivity into people’s lives.  It’s creating ways for people to enjoy each other company and finding ways to make people laugh.  If there’s something I like, I’ll straight up give a complement or smile.  Especially living up here in Boston, people don’t do this very often if at all.  In fact, people might think you’re everything from a creeper to just straight up weird.  However this doesn’t really deter me.  The people that have this attitude don’t really matter in my life.  I know my intentions mean well… after all if I focused on all the negatives in life, I would never be happy.  For every one person that doesn’t like me, there’s a lot more people who love me.  In the end, it’s trying to make other people’s lives better by having fun and living life how you want to. 

So give me some love and tell me how you guys give love to others. If you haven’t, take initiative and make someone’s life better. After you do it, post below  J

Here’s an idea I always wanted to do… (

Follow your heart kneegrow,

Kevin Yee