Life should be on Cinemax

So it’s the end of classes and I’m on my rotations. Life is really different from how it used to be. Before I was just worried about the next exam and not failing out. Now I’m worried about the next career and not failing life. 

It’s not like I’m saying classes didn’t matter or therapeutics wasn’t hard… Because I definitely had a few scares that I would fail out of pharmacy school. But after the shit storm is over, now what? And that’s what exactly I’m doing… Figuring out all my options. Although I’m pretty sure I know what I want to do, I can’t public announce it… Yet 🙂

Ever since being on rotation, I’ve picked up more hours at CVS and been working about ~65 hours. Yeah I’m really tired and there’s like a lot of bs at rotations (filing 3 years of flu shot work in abc order -__-), but I’ve become very regimented with my schedule/life. That’s something I definitely lacked before. I’m on point with my essentials (lifting, diet, sleep). I spend extra time reading about random things (entrepreneurship and seduction). I look up future job careers including residencies. But most importantly, I value my time more than ever.

It’s weird. When I’m not working, I want it to count and actually do shit I want to do. Whether that’s riding a bike along the Charles like in Pokemon or flying out for a weekend wedding in Detroit, I’m making my life into an adventure. Seriously “life should be on a Cinemax” (2 chainz reference). 

Other than going to ghetto Meek Millz concerts and getting sunburned at the beach, I enjoy meeting interesting people and reconnecting with friends the most. I mean I’ve always been a “people person”, but I enjoy hearing stories and seeing how experiences change people. 

Final thought… I’m STD free 🙂