Welcome to pharmacy school… bend over.

Maybe it’s cabin fever or watching a tree almost fall on my car, but Hurricane Sandy made today seem like forever and gave me time to realize that I’m almost done with pharmacy school. Being a P3, I feel so distant from people because I’m always in Boston.  Even when chatting with the P1s, it seems like one of those “e-friendships” like during the AOL chat room days. Even though I don’t miss the classroom, I miss being on campus. Seriously…. Tempus Fugit (time flies). It seemed like yesterday when I was falling asleep during orientation and getting anal probed by exams.

Looking back at my P1 year, I can’t believe that I went out every weekend in Boston while juggling a relationship. Somehow I passed my classes and it definitely tested my time management skills. My weekday consisted of…going to class, study, gym, study, talk to the girlfriend, study, exam, and post-exam crying therapy session. Even though I was pretty content with my life back then, I never REALLY got to know anyone at the school. Maybe it was my Ecko shirts or ghetto music that scared everyone. Basically my whole life revolved on going back home to Boston during my P1 year.

I wish I prioritized more time with my classmates in Worcester. It took me until P2 year, when I actually got to know everyone. It wasn’t all fun and games during my P2 year. Most people will tell you the hardest thing about P2 year was the coursework.

No lie, its TRUUU, but the most difficult for me was staying motivated and not doubting myself. Slowly I started becoming more negative, whether it was bashing CVS and pharmacy career options. The girlfriend broke up with me and I didn’t feel like going out anymore. I even thought about dropping out of school and pursuing something else. Basically I was going through a midlife crisis at the age of 23.

Luckily I snapped out of when my birthday rolled around. It was a reminder that people actually do care about me. Ever since then, things have been looking up for me. I found opportunities with the US government, which excited me and gave me motivation again. I got the hang of therapeutics (it still sucked). I would watch Jersey Shore every week with all the other P2s. I started using my free time to go on trips to Cali, Vegas, and even the Cape with my friends at school. Basically I would make it a PRIORITY to give time for me to do what I love most… connecting with people.

I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned through pharmacy school is to appreciate every moment with those you love… whether its realizing you just bombed an exam with half of your class OR prank calling escorts in Vegas. It’s something about this accelerated program that draws the most motivated, sincere, intelligent, and interesting people I have EVER met. We work/suffer hard and play hard together and that’s why its so hard to reproduce that relationship.




Summer 2010. Originally when I first got you, it was to get over my ex girlfriend, distract me from my loneliness, and to help me cope. After looking at different hamsters at Petco, I remember you running right to us. Since you were the smallest of the lot, my brother and I named you Sashimi. What always stood out in my mind was how friendly you were (sometimes a little too friendly with the other hamsters) and because of that you were my favorite.


Over the last 2 years sneaking you back and forth from my pharmacy dorm, my most memorable moments was just watching your eyes blow up over a banana or after cleaning your cage. Even though you were just a hamster, you’ve shown me was just to enjoy the simple things in life and to just really enjoy and appreciate the small treats life throws at you.


I really don’t like to get emotional over Facebook/Xanga…especially over something that’s not even that big (literally). It’s just hard watching you breathing slower and not responding. All the papaya treats in the world can’t bring you back. Even though I wasn’t the best owner you could have, I’m definitely the luckiest to have you as my first pet.

Thank you Sashimi for the memories.