The power of habits

Things have finally slowed down in my life. Since my last post I’ve graduated from pharmacy school, received my first job offer, moved to California, and have taken both my CPJE and NAPLEX. I’ve done all the “work” to become a pharmacist, a dream I’ve had since in high school. Through the blood, sweat, and YEARS, I finally made it (assuming I passed my exams). 

I left everything I had back home including my friends and family. Trust me. It wasn’t an easy decision financially and psychologically, but I needed to move to California. I was too comfortable in Boston and knew both my personal and career aspirations wouldn’t be accomplished. By moving to California, I would challenge myself to adapt in an unfamiliar. After reading Cal Newport’s book, I realize that top performers do exactly this; they continue to be result oriented and even seek out failure. In addition to the change of environment, LA is the home of fitness, YouTube, dance, MMA, and entrepreneurship (basically everything I wanted to do). Surprisingly, many of these people aren’t that hard to contact. Example? Can from Poreotics (AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW) teaches dance classes every Sunday. With mentors like these, I know they’ll guide me in the right direction.

Unlike before, I used to cognitively think about what I had to do and the result is that I don’t do it (analysis by paralysis). In addition to this, I suffer from cognitive dissonance. Despite “knowing” what to do, I don’t follow through. For example, one things that surprises a lot of people is my fear of approaching random strangers. I know it’s unreasonable.  If it goes poorly, chances are I will never see them again. The more likely scenario is that I’ll meet some ratchets that will my make life a bit more adventurous.

After reading Charles Duhigg’s book, I plan to establish HABITS to address these problems. I’ll end up reducing the amount of cognitive effort for daily routines. Plus I can actively keep track of the amount of hours spent on tasks and work if I put everything on auto-pilot and adjust as needed. In addition, I enrolled myself in various groups to for accountability and motivation. Specifics will come later when I iron out the EXACT steps on Sunday.

Although I’m not religious at ALL, I believe I ended up in California for a reason. No idea how long I’m going to stay, but it would be stupid NOT to take advantage of all these opportunities here in California.