Mudda bullshit -_-

So my weekly review.

This week I actually planned everything, which is a huge win. Within the last few days, I’ve been thinking more strategically and finished the Ramit’s Finisher’s Formula.

I’ve been trying to implement everything, but I’ve already been fucking up and unexpected things got in the way.

For example, I got FOOD poisoning for the last 3 days. The smell of meat or savory things makes me wanna vomit and nauseated… which sucks. Could have been the scallop sashimi or the beef I left in the car. I haven’t been hitting my macros at all and have been eating carbs. Tried vegan protein sludge and ginger kombucha and that seems to be helping.

As I’m going through this mudda bullshit (literally), I notice my mood has been really off. I don’t feel motivated like I normally do. I feel lost. I feel all these negative feelings that I can’t do it. So yesterday I just took it easy. No hardcore editing or writing. Just chilled at the spa, slept, watched top 10 lists on YouTube, and ate whatever the fuck I want (PIZZA HUT AND TRISCUITS YUMMM). Slept until 930 AM. I woke up this morning feeling like a boss. Got a massage. Felt 100% new again.

Really made me realize that body, spirit, and motivation are all closely related… and gave me a new idea for a post.

Another thing that threw me off this week was the mudda bullshit from NYE. It was really fun, but Nelyn getting drunk and having me take care of her fucked up my schedule for the WHOLE week including this week. Looking back on it, I should have just dropped her off at a hotel or something rather than wasting the whole night. I was already in a pretty shitty mood because I didn’t want to drive, but I basically drove anyways. Normally I don’t care about money, but when I’m in a shitty mood I can be really cheap. The next day was emotionally stressful… I had edits and writing to get done that I couldn’t get started until 5 PM and I couldn’t finish. A huge thing for me is that I need to start taking my liberation¬†seriously… more seriously than my job if I want it to be full time.

From that time, it was really hard to get back on “track”.

My meals have been really off. I’ve been wanting a lot more carbs and “soupy” stuff. Maybe this week I’ll make jook or some mudda boolshit like that. It’s pretty easy to make and plain. For the rest of the week I’ll just be eating plan stuff that’s easy to digest. Looking back on my diet, the fats made it feel “heavy”. Definitely thinking about changing up the fat content so it’s less savory.

I haven’t been wanting to do Muay Thai or cardio just because of the intensity and the amount of suck I will feel. My plan for this is to use the spa to reward myself. Maybe I can do a massage after my MT session or go to the spa and chill in the sauna for a bit as a “reward”. I will have my clothes in those shitty rope bags so that I won’t need to plan. I can just grab and go.

Some wins for the week for me is actually signing up for Natura Spa. I “downgraded” and finally made a better decision that saved me about 1K. I saw an opportunity for Kaija and I might make her edit my videos. I started contacting people again on Facebook.¬†Recently I’ve been feeling pretty lonely and I realized that I need human contact again.¬†Basically everything is back to running smoothly and I’m excited for the next week. Want to start doing coffee meetings and meetups again.

Kevin Yee