Ahh I love these weekly reviews

Man. This feels awesome every week to sit back and kick back to see what went well and what terribly went wrong.

So being the Asian parent style, I’m going to think about what went wrong.

Some of the things that I fucked up with were…

  • Scheduling my videos on time and articles. Recently I’ve been fucking up in this department. When I’m full of energy, it’s a breeze. I can bang out an article pretty quickly… but when I’m not in the mood it takes a shit beating. What needs to happen is that I need to ride out these motivational waves and when I have them I need to cancel everything. See the thing is, it’s not a huge difference editing 1 to 5 videos when I’m in the zone. So what would happen if I shot for a whole month? What is easy but entertaining videos to shoot? Maybe I can turn my Refugee Hustle things into videos?
  • I think a huge factor for this was that I just simply didn’t get up on time. No alarms were set and I didn’t have enough time to breath. The biggest limiting factor was that I was tired. So what needs to happen is that I need to schedule out my alarms to both wake up and sleep.
  • I haven’t been working on my copywriting at ALL or my product. Again it comes to scheduling out. A lot of the time, I’ll be tired working out… or that something pops up. It pushes everything back. What I need to do is have another “free day” so I can better move things around and not feel stressed.
  • Another thing I did this week was overbook myself again. I had the hotpot, meeting up with Nelyn, my cousin, and a bunch of other stuff. The night before I went out for Sylvia’s birthday and ate pho. I didn’t sleep until 4 AM and I woke up in a huge brain fog. Fuck. A huge problem is me just saying no. Even though I did pretty well yesterday scheduling and canceling on Trinh’s hotpot event.
  • No IG post at all this week…. whatsoever.
  • Slow response with my friends, fans, and family
  • Something that fucked me up this week was my tire -_- I wanted to go out for Trinh’s birthday, but since I had a leaking tire I couldn’t go anywhere. It worked out though because I found a local place near by for my tire needs. I also worked out while it was being repaired and also found a model of a tire I’m interested in (Yokohama YK580)

Okay now for the stuff that went well…

  • Talking to Jenny and perhaps opening up new opportunities for myself beyond Ralphs. Still crossing my fingers for that Patient Care Coordinator though.
  • Clearing up and communicating what I wanted from Nelyn all this time. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted. I tried “breaking up with her”, but instead we worked out our problems. Things that worked well was establishing the difference between attraction and being in a relationship. I just simply said that I didn’t want to do shit and I wanted the option to date other people… which honestly really isn’t my priority right now. At the end of the day I can’t help what I feel.
  • So recently I revisited I just bought a Nvidia shield to help with my productivity. I recently remembered that I need to invest more into assets and less into liabilities. So things like my phone or tablets to make my life easier helps a lot
  • I talked to Amy Yau again. It was really nice. Something I needed to do to get my sanity back and root myself with my friends again
  • I FaceTime’d with Sandy… one of my viewers. It really amazed me how similar we are. She’s 22 and reminds me of myself. She’s positive and so detailed oriented. It was really refreshing to see that my fans aren’t really so different from me. She’s beautiful both inside and out and I would say I’m pretty attracted to her. What I love is that she takes action immediately and doesn’t wait. I told her to buy the books… and BAM she bought them. No hesitation.
  • Dealing with Trolls. A troll sort of pissed me off on Matt’s channel. Rather than respond emotionally and irrationally, I wanted to study how to respond to haters. I read The Art of Verbal Self Defense and a YouTube her granddaughter put out. Rather than look at it as a negative, I turned it into an opportunity to learn more and it led me to reading Stocism.
  • Letters of seneca… who the fuck would of known I would be going back to the classics for advice? I originally saw this on Tim Ferriss page and it’s pretty damn crazy that Latin class would help me now a days. People 2000 years ago go through the same problems as now. Crazy.
  • Liz – Last week I offered to drive Liz to Cedar’s ER after work. I felt bad. Honestly I wasn’t in the mood that day, but I wanted to do the “right” thing. Even though I didn’t end up driving her, she wrote me a card thanking me. I’m glad I did the right thing.
  • Ramit – Man I can’t believe I got a gift from Ramit and a thank you card. It really means a lot to me.

Wow. That was a lot of shit. But I felt like I needed to get it out.