Fake ass people


I’m pretty religious about reading. I read everyday trying to learn from different people and it helps me stay positive.

I wasn’t always a positive person, but at least I was real about it.

One of the girls I recently dated I thought was a positive person and promoted helping others. But what I realized is that not everyone is what they say they are.

This “positive” person ended up trying to ruin my friend’s (someone who is wicked hot) career and tried to throw down at a club…

…and then has the balls to say “avoid toxic people”? Really? Who is the toxic one here?

Why take the time to ruin another person life? It’s a whole another thing to go out of your way to sabotage someone… and start a fight. How old are we again?

The crazy part is on the surface this person is so giving and “nice”. But what I realized that sometimes people don’t give from the kindness of their heart… they give out of desperation.

I’m not mad at this person. I’m just disappointed and feel nothing. I can’t believe someone would do this and I just don’t want to associate with people like that.

Although one thing has been quite revealing though. I’m proud of myself for cutting this girl off and setting standards for myself. Ever since dealing with this mudda boolshit, I’ve been giving out of the kindness of my heart… not desperation or trying to get validated.


Being depressed and irritable

From the outside, everything looks fine.

  • I just got back from Vegas
  • I’m a pharmacist with a high paying job, high sought out area
  • I’m building my company with YouTube and Refugee Hustle
  • I have good friends
  • I’m losing weight and getting stronger

But even though nothing is exactly “wrong”, some days are just straight up hard. These last few days, I’ve been in a funk. My mood and everything is low energy. I’m just tired and feel like I can never get a break.

Maybe apart of it is sleep. Part of it is just feeling lonely and seeing my friends grow up. I’m sure being at the pharmacy doesn’t help either.

Part of it is doubt… wondering if I’m ever going to break free from this life.

It’s just one of those days.

It’s just goes to remind you that everyone is fighting a battle that no one knows about.

The 5 minute Donald Trump blog

Recently I was thinking about Donald Trump and how people want to throw him out of office.

I think it’s one thing to express your opinion, but another thing to protest and fuck shit up. How is that supposed to make our country better… or the situation better?

Granted I get why people don’t like him. He says stuff about Mexicans, Middle Easterns, and other minorities, but honestly I really don’t believe what he says. I think it’s all marketing.

They want to throw his ass out. I get it, but a lot of time in life you can’t just complain about everything. You need to take action. Real action. Protesting and burning shit down doesn’t do anything.

Nothing is more rewarding than growth

I’ve been thinking a lot about my progress and growth only during these last two weeks.

  • Been writing daily in my Instagram
  • Sticking to keto and Superhuman coffee
  • Writing RH weekly
  • Writing in my personal blog daily
  • Posting a YouTube video daily

Momentum is one of the hardest things to start if you look at it long term, but if you take it day by day it’s so much easier. It teaches you to live in the moment instead of wasting time just thinking about doing something.

You’re developing a habit.

Some other things I want to start doing this year as well…

  • Yoga poses daily
  • Stronglifts 5×5 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • YouTube streaming every Sunday
  • Working on my product daily
  • Hanging out with friends and planning something fun every week
  • Writing in my planner every week
  • Jiujitsu and Muay Thai twice weekly

This is my biggest hack that I’ve realized this year.

When you have a deadline, you start pushing yourself and creating solutions to hit your deadline. You don’t do it for anyone else. You do it for yourself.

The first thing you should do after getting rejected

Kevin here.

How many of you guys have had that heart to heart moment with that person you had a crush on for weeks? Or maybe you’ve had your eyes set on your dream school or dream job?

…only to find that they didn’t feel the same way about you.

Job rejection.png

Getting friendzoned.png

The most memorable was when my first “girlfriend” took a fat shit on my feelings.

I didn’t date you because I liked you… I dated you because I pitied you

Whether it’s in a professional setting or your personal life, rejection can feel embarrassing, shameful, and demoralizing.… AKA it sucks.

So how do we make it better?

Use rejection to turn it into something great.

Ok. I know what you’re thinking…

You’ll find all these hippie ass articles saying… “Oh use it as motivation to better yourself“. No lie. When your heart got A-town stomped on, those words mean very little in that moment.

So today I am going to breakdown step by step how I got rejected and still got a pharmacy job.

Step 1: Put yourself in their situation

Hearing nothing after an interview is a really shitty feeling. It reminds me of those Tinder dates where you get ghosted.


You’re left thinking …WHERE THE HELL DID I GO WRONG?

Interviews are pretty much like dates. You’re trying to see if you have a future together in 15 minutes. And also like a date most people wouldn’t waste time on going on a date if they weren’t attracted.

The same goes with interviews. If they were interested enough to ask for an interview and you didn’t get the job, the interviewer probably lost interest somewhere along the way.

A lot of the time, people go into an interview focusing on… I want this. I want that. It’s not to say that our needs aren’t important, but instead try focusing on them. What do they want? What are their concerns?

Drake crying.jpg

My interviewer was probably thinking…

Kevin is young with ambitious goals, but he doesn’t any results to back his shit up. Can this kid perform? Does he actually have any leadership skills?

No lie. This might suck, but this is why rejection is important. It forces you to be honest with yourself.

Step 2: Hustle so that they can’t ignore you

Instead of crying and watching PornHub, I started thinking of ways to prove my credibility and address their concerns that stopped them from hiring me. So I asked myself…

  1. What am I really good at?
  2. How can I help the people around me?

So I pitched a project to my supervisor. 

Basically I took what I was good at (driving sales) and wanted to help make my fellow pharmacists and my supervisors life easier.

Pitching the project.png

Running the KPM project.pngStarting a project allowed me to…

  • Demonstrate that I’m driven and a straight up hustler (show, don’t tell)
  • Create an action plan for my weaknesses
  • Feel awesome helping people around me

Be creative. There’s no right or wrong solution. Just focus on helping and adding value to people and growing yourself.

Step 3: Close the loop

Want to know how to stand out from other people? Pay attention.


What most people do: When they interview and find out you don’t get it, that’s the end of the story. GG NO RE.

What I did: Instead of running away, I followed up and was upfront with my weaknesses. I provided also a plan of action if I was hired.

The re-up.png

Marketing plan.png

No lie. It’s can be embarrassing to follow up with someone that rejected you, but what’s the worst case scenario?

They’ll say no? If anything you’ll finally have a story ready for that dreaded… what’s your biggest weakness question on your next interview.

As Tim Ferriss says…

What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do

No means hustle harder

When a lot of people hear no, they quit and stop trying. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that no is just the starting point. When you hear no, that’s when the real work begins.

Maybe you can’t control getting dumped or getting turned down from a job, but you can control how you respond to it.

Finally don’t be an asshole to yourself. Whatever comes your way, you’ll figure something out. Trust fam. 

Getting the job.png

So let me know your thoughts. How do you handle rejection? Let me know in the comments.


PS… I actually did a YouTube video awhile back. Click below to check it out.


Keeping your word

Last night I spent until 230 PM talking to Trinh and Jason about duh mudda healthcare type of stuff. Felt really good just catching up.

Definitely hated myself for it this morning because I had work at 10 AM and promised my YouTube family that I would live stream at 7 AM.

That got me thinking… Always be true to your word. If people can’t trust you, there goes your credibility and no one can believe you. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Today I’m just proud that I got my ass outta bed and live streamed despite how much I didn’t want to leave my bed.

The crazy thing is that with Live Streaming, I feel extra hyped from my audience. It feels good to be energized and it put me in a good mood. Granted I’m on a shitload of caffeine right now, but it just feels so right.

No lie. The YouTube game is hard. It’s a constant grind, but it can be so rewarding. I think I’m coming to terms that most likely I will never become “TOP 10 YOUTUBE CHANNELS”. My content doesn’t to everyone and I’m not willing to sell out for dumbass shit… well depends how big the check is LOL.

Anyways feeling very grateful I have a community that follows me religiously where we can just chill. Best feeling in the world.

I wish growth would happen faster

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot why my social media and YouTube hasn’t been growing.

It’s been wicked frustrating seeing my views and subscriptions just sit there… not barely breaking 1800 for IG and staying stuck under 3000 for YouTube.

The one positive about the situation is that it’s really forced me to think how to create better more relatable, sharable content. I look at my older videos and they were extremely relatable to people.

Instead of just creating more content and crossing my fingers hoping that social media will grow, it really comes down to one thing…

Make better content.

If I can create relatable content, it will build my brand and better help the people around me. If I touch them emotionally, then people will feel compelled to share the content.

It takes trial and error. My formula is not going to be the same as other people. But honestly I am so blessed. I live in a place of content creators… Simple Pickup, JK Films, and Engineered Truth. I just have to ask and experiment.

I won’t give up.