It’s harder than what it looks like

I’m hitting major writers block.


Time for changes

It’s kinda sad that the Spy Glass Boyz are finally breaking apart.

It’s a mix of feelings. This was the house where I got to live my dreams and meet the YouTuber that I always used to watch back in college. This was the house that I started Refugee Hustle and had my first Cali fling… who ended up being bat shit crazy.

Not going to lie. Apart of me feels torn and know that I’m going to miss them. I know I’ll see them at the JK office still, but it’s not the same.

Part of growing up is that you need to do what’s uncomfortable. I’m excited to have a piece of my life back… time. I’m excited to feel liberated and create content feeling unrestricted. I’m excited to start my products, podcast, editing station, and move on to the next stage of my life.

I’m ready for this bitch.