Own your shit

Have you ever had those long commutes by yourself?

Back when I used to drive from Whittier to Hollywood daily, I used to do a lot of things.

  • Catch up with a friend
  • Listen to a Podcast (Tim Ferris and Joe Rogan were some of my favorite)
  • Listen Howard Stern
  • Blast the newest hip hop tracks (21 savage)

What else?

And then there were those days. Days where I wouldn’t have anything in the background. Just me and my thoughts.

Yeah sometimes the my thoughts resembled the Reddit’s ShowerThoughts. 

Other times I would replay those moments where I fucked up in life. Times like where I would try to approach a group of girls at a club and get turned down. Or maybe seeing someone do something like shoplife

And then you wonder why don’t you trust yourself? Why you don’t do the right thing

I used to think about my relationships in life.

Why I didn’t

During the moments



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